We have had several days of rain recently including the deluge from Winter Storm Liam which moved through the area for an entire night.  It has been so wet the Wonder Dog was not able to go to the Parish Park for his daily walk.

I had rather sleep!

The day we returned to the park I was astounded to see how much the lake had risen with these two rain events.  It had rained so much the water was seeping out of the side of the hills onto the path and we had to go around the stream flowing from the upper pond into the lake.  Even after the rain had stopped the water was rapidly pouring into the lake.

I ran into the long time park director, James Ramsaur, who has made this park into a jewel for the parish.  As we talked over the rain and the change in the lake level, he told me he read my blog about the low level of the lake recently.  I assured James this rated another blog and casually said, "The question is what will be the topic?"  He quickly answered, "The goodness of God."  

We've gone from this-

To this

There seems to be no question there was a plan to refill the lake.  The plan did not rely upon man's plan, but instead trusted God would provide all that was needed.  Though the water was depleted--God faithfully provided the resources to make the lake beautiful once again.  In a very short period of time we went from depleted to filled to over-flowing.

So it is with God---He provides all we need to fill us to the point of overflowing, if we seek Him.  When we are at our very lowest--seriously depleted--if we will only call upon Him, He will faithfully provide the help we need.  God's love for us is from a deep spring which never dries up.  It flows over us and will overflow from us--if we trust Him to provide what He sees we need.  If God provides the rain to refill the lake, surely he is intent upon providing us with all we need.  As the old hymn says, "Only trust Him~Only trust Him now."

but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing
Psalms 34:10


  1. Awesome....smiles. I hope you both have a beautiful day...still snowing here, sigh...Winter Storm Liam dumped nearly 9 inches of snow and we are expecting Mateo to dump 3-4. smiles

    1. OH, Bless You! Raining here again & more coming this weekend. Stay warm!!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Filled to overflowing . . . Yes! Our God provides, always. And the lake looks awesome, Lulu!

    1. AMEN, Martha! Praying for you, Friend!

  3. Holy Cow Lulu, what a change! And you are so right to point out that the renewal didn't depend on man, but that God had his plan all along. What a blessing for you and your wonderdog...and all the animals who depend on that lake.
    We have about a foot of snow on the ground right now, and it's snowing this morning too. Winter has come to the Midwest for sure! My daughter wishes she was here so the kids could play in it...that would be fun!
    Have a lovely Sunday,


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