There a famous saying, "There are NO U-Haul's behind the hearse."

And yet, we spend a great deal of our lives trying to accumulate money or things that we are pretty sure we "Need".  I for one am GUILTY as charged of being very concerned about having the financial means to keep me going to the end.  Watch the show, "Extreme Hoarding".  It is an eye-opener about the extremes some go to when it come to accumulating "stuff".  This all comes from a deep place in our psyche that whispers "NOT ENOUGH".  Not enough can quickly morph into NEVER ENOUGH if we are not careful.

Having cleaned out my mother's home and helped with my in laws, I can tell you most of the things we hold so dear are not only not so dear, but sometimes merely problems of how to dispose of them for our offspring.  I am under NO illusion that my own children will not feel the same thing about my treasured stuff.  My mother had boxes of vacation pictures from her travels.  Most of the pictures had no identification on them AND no people in the pictures.  WHO wants those??  OH--and the 25 years of Readers Digest books all bound in vinyl binders---the library will not even take.  

It will all one day be discarded piece by piece.  I believe in the hoarding shows they have four piles---keep, donate, sale, and trash.  The trash pile is ALWAYS the biggest.

Why this principle even applies to our bodies.  We come here and for the most part fully equipped with all the parts of a human body.  Over the years, various surgeons have whittled away on my body.  Piece by piece I seem to be disappearing.  When the day comes that I bid my good-bye's, I will not have all the parts I started with.  Some of you will manage to be intact, but many of us will be snipped, clipped, dredged, and even have new and improved artificial parts.  

Where am I going with this?  All these earthly things we cling to so fiercely can be out the door or in the garbage before we can blink an eye.  NONE of this is of the eternal--all of it is fleeting and temporary.  We spend most of our lives grasping all the wrong things--things of this earth.  What we should be clinging to--what should be written on our foreheads is The Eternal Word of God.  Nothing else truly matters--nothing else is eternal--the Pearl of Great Price--God Almighty and His Truths.

45 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls,46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.
Matthew 13:45-6


  1. Oh Lulu ... as I read this sombre post (must switch the lights on) I do not know whether you are still in hospital recuperating or back at home amongst your loved ones. Let me tell you that I am still praying for you.

    I also do not know whether to be serious in my reply, or to attempt feebly to make you smile with some throw comment of mine. Because I do not know whether you are writing this post NOW or whether it is one of your pre-written posts scheduled to be published automatically.

    May I wish you a speedy recovery and that you are soon writing to us here "live" as you often do and that your sense of humour may shine through.

    God bless.

  2. Amen, Lulu! We definitely can't take that stuff with us, so we should focus on storing up our treasure in Heaven. Blessings, and continue to heal!

  3. I miss you.....and in total aggreence with sweet Victor. I keep checking for a update...I'm just going to have to hunt you down, smiles.


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