My home is adorned with artwork treasures from my super talented friends.

I treasure each one of these and fondly think of the friends who created them each and every time I walk by their chosen spot.  My recognition of their talents has lead to me proudly displaying their work.

I have quite a few friends whom are recognized for their athletic talents.  Their workout schedules are not for the faint of heart or lazy (THAT WOULD BE ME).  Miles of biking, swimming, running, and any other form of sweating is their weekly regime.  I need a nap just hearing what they do every week.  Their lives revolve around their workout schedules.  Well known for their feats of athletic endeavor, they have achieved a great deal of local recognition for their athletic prowess.

 Some of my friends are great cooks, others are super intelligent and well known for their scholarly pursuits.  Others are highly successful in their chosen fields, some are "Master Gardeners", and many are multi-talented seeming to be recognized in every pursuit they tackle.

Bottom line we all want to be recognized by those around us.  We want and need the respect of others as we seek recognition of who we are. We all desire to be seen and heard.  Here is a dirty little secret that King Solomon recognized long ago, "It is all fading with the wind."  Yes, occasionally some creative genius or brilliant scholar comes along who we remember for their achievements.  That is the exception--most of us are seeking recognition from our fellow man which will disappear like a puff of smoke as the memory of who we were dies with those who recognize us.  Here today--gone tomorrow.

BUT there is One who will A L W A Y S recognize us--throughout all eternity.  The really good news--I do not have to be super talented, super athletic, a Rhodes Scholar, a good cook, a master gardener or even a good writer.  He knows me and recognizes me for who I am and loves me in spite of that!  He recognizes me through the eyes of Jesus.  I am seen through the lens of grace and mercy.  He knows me and loves me--even when the world does not recognize me--He does.  What a comfort!

But the person who loves God is the one whom God recognizes.
I Corinthians 8:3


  1. My greatest talent, not recognised by many I fear, is to sit down. I can sit down and do nothing for ages. Whilst others shuffle their bottoms in the chair as it gets numb and tingles with pins and needles (not real ones, you know) I can sit there calmly with no concern for man or beats or anything else inanimate for that matter.

    We all have God given talents. I hope when I get to meet St Peter he greets me by offering me a comfortable chair. And a drink would be welcome too!

    God bless

  2. I possess that same talent, Victor! What am amazing coincidence!

  3. I think it's no coincidence that I recently read those words of Solomon's. Yes, our time to shine here is but fleeting, yet we know we will shine forever in God's eternal home.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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