It is that wonderful time of the year when we have our semi-annual visit of the Louisiana Lovebugs.  NO--we do not love them!  

They are EVERYWHERE!  Stalking around the doors--waiting to sneak in; able to find the smallest crack to wedge inside--lining the highways and byways in kamikaze formation attacking every vehicle that dares the road.  You might say--it's just a little bug--but those little bugs can ruin the paint job on your nice vehicle.  SO--if you dare to leave the house--the remains of the recently departed must be removed upon reentry to the hood.  GROSS--scraping bug guts off the car!  

And then you might ask "How do they get their name?"

To quote that famous philosopher-Forrest Gump--"And that's all I have to say about that."

Some years ago, I do not seem to remember these pests being such a problem.  Then I read on the Internet (EVERYTHING IS TRUE ON THE INTERNET!) they like the temperature to be above 84 degrees.  Global Warming could be causing the recent years' swarms (NO--I DO NOT WANT TO DISCUSS THIS WITH YOU) as they seem to be coming farther and farther north-all the way to Arkansas.  I have even noticed them creeping toward Texas (it may be a little too dry over there for them).  For whatever the reason, the pests are EVERYWHERE!  You cannot walk outside without batting the nuisances away.  If you go for a walk or jog after the temperature has started rising for the day, you are in danger of swallowing insect protein if you dare to open your mouth.  Why the little flying monsters will even fly up your nostrils if you aren't careful.  Twenty First Century swarms of pestilence, except they cause no real harm (except to your car finish) and even help with pollination.  

Unlike the Biblical plague of the locusts which covered everything and ate all the green, love bugs are merely a short term aggravation.  I am reminded of human behavior when I think of swarms of any variety.  We all swarm from one subject to the next.  The media whips us into a frenzy over their version of the latest outrage and off we all go on a rampage taking sides and ready to draw. There seems to be no end to the swarm until the next wrath producing news story appears.  Then the swarm picks up and attacks in mass--that next cause of indignation.  

As I pondered this, I began to realize in amazement, it is all about attacking any other distraction in a desperate attempt to not address our own short-comings.  As long as we are moving with the mob and addressing our disappointment with the latest failure of someone other than ourselves, then we skate around the only pest we have any control of---ME!

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom,
 and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.
Matthew 24:7


  1. For some reason ... ehm ... I kept looking at your second photo. Why do they make love in that position? Is it in case their partner is ugly ??? An advantage I suppose.

    About global warming ... I know you don't want to discuss it; but consider this. It is caused by candles. Candles everywhere burning and warming the atmosphere. In restaurants, romantic dinners, at home, sometimes in the bathroom (why have candles when having a bath? I ask), in churches, on birthday cakes. Can you imagine how many candles are burning in the world right now? Just think of birthday cakes for a moment. How many candles.

    The solution? Electric candles. Battery operated ones. No more global warming. Simple.

    Good post, Lulu. It set me thinking ... especially that photo.

    God bless.

  2. Love your sense of humor, Victor- not to ever be mistaken as pestilence-LOL!

  3. You really described the "lame" stream media to a T, Lulu. Yes, swarm on the latest "hit" and move on as fast as possible - distraction after distraction after distraction. Anything to keep us from reflecting upon our own shortcomings.
    Blessings and good luck dodging the love bugs!

  4. Still in NM...and not a bug in sight. Not missing those little boogers one bit. Great post.

    1. They don't last long, so stay where you are for a couple of more weeks!


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