I find myself drawn to the daily news, but also repulsed by what I see.  I cannot stand to watch what is happening to our country and I cannot pull myself away from the television, if I dare to turn it on.  I keep thinking there has to be a better day just around the bend, and I expectantly keep watching for it to appear. (I believe that is the definition of hope)  As I pray for our great country, I keep asking God what has happened to us all.  It dawned on me this morning, what is most important today and in the days to come is NOT what our differences are, but what we have in common.

You all have heard me speak of the sweet ladies at The Well that I meet with twice a week.  We have slowly returned to a semblance of what we looked like before March 13.  These ladies ALL have not only the increased risk that comes with age, but also pre-existing health conditions which make the potential of exposure to the virus deadly.  We are VERY careful!  Masks are a must, we keep our distance and most of the time we meet outside.  That does not deter the camaraderie we experience when together.

We talk and talk and talk---one of my favorite activities (behind masks and at a distance).  Here is the bottom line, we are different.  We have had different life experiences, we have lived through sometimes very diverse circumstances, and where we are at this stage of our lives is different--or is it?  On the surface, it seems we are apples to oranges.  In the depths of our souls--we all have larger similarities than differences.  We are one and all---Loved by the Father.

We ALL love our country, we all love our families, we all wish health and happiness for our loved ones, and we all want to live in peace and joy.  As we talked yesterday, we laughed over all being Momma Bears--Don't you DARE threaten our cubs.  We all love to eat and share recipes and cooking secrets.  All of us have worked hard over the years.  We all love The Lord and are thankful for His Grace.  The list goes on and on of the things which we have in common.

I am so thankful God made us all different.  What an interesting world we live in and how much we can learn from each other.  Listening is the key to discovering those we think so different are actually strikingly similar to us.  Why are we not able to focus on what is in common?  Why are we threatened when others have different philosophies?  Why are we unable to seek common ground and build upon that?  Have we forgotten how to negotiate and seek peaceful resolutions to our differences?

I am so alarmed by what I saw happen on the 6th--it is discouraging.  I am so encouraged by what I know to be the truth deep down in my heart.  We all have much more in common than we realize.  We just need to remember how to look for that commonality before judgement over the differences.   What we have in common is FAR stronger and FAR more important than our differences.  Can we not remember what we have in common and build upon that?  How different the world might look if we could manage to do that.

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  1. Like you, Lulu, I believe we have more in common than we realize on the surface of things. I pray for healing for this nation, and for God to convict those intent on dividing us to cease their verbal barrage. They are hurting, not helping. Honestly, I'm afraid this nation will fall away from its founding under this new administration unless God acts boldly and intervenes in some way we have yet to see.


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