One of the many changes which have come with the pandemic is I now order my groceries on line and pick them up-without going inside the store.  I am extremely grateful for this service and hope it is continued in the future-even after life has gone back to some sense of normalcy.  (I am beginning to wonder if that is ever going to happen)

If you have never ordered groceries on line, you send a notification through their app that you are on your way and when you have arrived.  They bring your groceries to your car based upon the order of arrival.  In my latest pick up, the man in charge, comes to my car window to confirm who I am and then tells me the man following him with the cart will load my groceries.  As he walks off, the man does not load my groceries, but follows him.  When he finally came back to my car, he told me, "I was just following him--didn't know I was supposed to load in your car." BELLS RING---LIGHTS FLASH---AND THE WRITER IN MY HEAD KNOWS I HAVE FOUND A TOPIC.

As he loaded the bags in, I told him. "We spend a lot of our lives following the wrong person."  He chuckled and told me I had a good point.  Does this not ring with truth?

When you are hiking, it is sometimes easy to get a little lost, or as I call it begin wandering around.  You might meet someone on the trail who tells you he is going to the same vista you are, but it is not always wise to follow him.  He might be going the long way round---touring several other sights--even spending the night on the trail.  It's best not to follow someone until you are certain you are headed in the same direction--with the same goal in mind.

How easily we can tuck in behind someone who seems to be headed in our same direction to only find out though the ultimate goal might be close---nothing else about the leader's trek resembles ours.  We get off track by following the wrong person and then find ourselves alone and stranded in the wilderness.

Careful who you look up to--who you follow--who seems worthy of tucking in behind.  You may get lead down the wrong trail---and find yourself at the mercy of someone headed in the opposite direction from you.  Who is worthy of being followed on this terrestrial ball?  Who should you place your faith and trust in?  Who is the leader you will choose to follow?

Seems the answer is obvious --but how easily we can become detracted by the right words from the wrong person tickling our ears.  Caution is advised when picking a leader.  None of us want to be headed down the wrong path.


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!