My daughter's family all sleep with a white noise machine on full blast.   They are drowning out the sounds of the creaking and popping, ice machine emptying, late night cat fights, traffic, in fact you really cannot hear anything but the machine and its static sound.  I cannot sleep with the white noise machine.  I am a very light sleeper, and that gives me a great sense of security.  I will hear any noise out of the ordinary.  I want to know if anyone makes the mistake of trying to break in my home, I will hear the noise.  I sleep with the ordinary noises of the night and no white noise drowning them out.

 We live in a world filled with white noise and we become so accustomed to it that we cease to hear it.  While living in Fort Worth, I lived a block from the train track and two blocks from the hospital district.  Even though I am a light sleeper, in time, I grew accustomed to the early morning trains-they began at 5:00 AM and the helicopters flying over delivering patients.  Those sounds became part of my accustomed white noise.  A part of the night time noises which my brain knew were to be expected.

I wonder if we become so dulled by the consistent white noises in our life that we become lulled into complacency.  The television is roaring, Alexa keeps a constant stream of music, traffic rolls, sirens scream, and on and on.  Why even in the quiet of our vehicles we hear the hum of the tires and cars whizzing by.   No wonder we are dulled and unaware of all the interruptions of the quiet necessary for deep contemplation.  How many of us dare to climb into our closet, purposefully find quiet and stillness to stop and think and perhaps pray.  To listen for the emptiness of soundlessness which allows deep contemplation.  How many of us dare to be

"Alone in the quiet of the hush of our own soul."

It is a learned practice as with any discipline.  Start with a few short minutes and slowly add to your time.  With the practice of quiet, what may we discover about ourselves and God?

"Before daybreak the next morning,

Jesus got up and 

went out to an isolated place to pray."

Mark 1:35


 NO-I did not intend to title this CRACK POT!  We all have crack pots in our lives.  I intentionally titled this blog--Cracked Pots.  Before I begin, I found this little story in my fluff book.  Note to self~

With all the rain we have been having, I am missing my time in my garden.  This past weekend, we finally had a couple of days of sunshine and I made hay while the sun shined.  As I walked around the yard, I noticed water had collected in all the plastic flower pots with no hole in the bottom.  I use those plastic pots as covers at times for the plants I have in temporary pots.  Not only were they full of water, but when I peered into the contents I discovered the water had been there long enough to turn black and moldy---sluggish.  GROSS!  Who even wants to pour that out much less pour it on my garden!

As I continued my inspection, I discovered the old clay pots I have had for years were not filled with water.  The cracks which had developed over years in the weather had allowed the water to flow out of the pot onto the surrounding ground and plants.  There was no sluggish water and the water had provided the nearby plants a slow stream of life giving water.  Had those pots not had the holes and cracks which came with time and storms of the past, had they been perfect pots, the water would not have flowed and instead turned gross.

What a wonderful analogy.  We experience the storms of life and walk away with cracks and holes in our lives.  There are times when we do not understand the reason for our trials and tribulations.  We forget that God uses every experience for His good purpose.  He can take the worst of the calamities and use them to grow us and show us who He is.  Then He can use us in the lives of others, by allowing us to pour out the life giving water upon those He places in our path.  I am so thankful I do not live in a perfect pot, but instead have weathered the ups and downs of life in this old cracked pot.  What a blessing to pour out what God has taught me on those He places in my path.  This old crack pot is glad she is a cracked pot.  Praying I am always sharing the life giving water stored within this cracked pot.

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay,
 to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us."
II Corinthians 4:7


 I came across a quote while ironically reading a fluff book.  You know those books we read strictly to be entertained.  No thinking required!

I usually have one of these books going, but especially when reading something deep.  It gives my brain a rest while pondering the deep truths and implications of the latest brain stretcher I am absorbing.  

That quote runs congruent to my own thinking~

"What a fine thing to be the answer to someone's prayer."

In all truthfulness, I have always thought how wonderful it is for God to choose to us me as His hands and feet.  This quote takes that a step further.  It is not necessarily being the hands and feet of Christ, but instead becoming an instrument in the life of another. 

I have a  friend who reminds us, "Be careful what you pray for."  and another  friend who asks when we pray for her to never say, "Whatever it may take, Lord."  I understand that statement ~I do not do suffering well. 

How easily we send those prayers up with our long list of those we are praying for.  What if we were to go a step further ~ what if we asked God to use us--at whatever the cost to us personally.  Praying is not difficult, but when we pray are we willing to be used to answer that prayer?  

Perhaps my prayers have been too timid.  Asking for healing of sick friends has no cost to me.  When I pray for God to draw my lost ones to Him, I am pretty certain I am relying on the Holy Spirit to do the work.  Though God makes no requirements of us, what would we be willing to sacrifice to see our prayers answered?  If it is important enough to pray for, is it important enough to be used in a sacrificial way by God to answer our prayer?  What a fine thing indeed to be used in answer to our own or someone's prayer.

"And we know that for those who love God

all things work together for good,

for those who are called according to His purpose."

Romans 8:28



There is an annual migration of Canadian Geese from their nesting grounds in the north to the winter grounds in the south.  As soon as the nip of winter is in the air, they begin the long trek south to spend the frigid winter in the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere.  With the cunning of a weather man who actually knows the forecast, they head back to their nesting ground when the warm winds begin the annual thaw of the frozen northern breeding grounds.  It is a beautiful sight to behold as those birds fly high over our heads.  The long away honking, as they urge each other, on draws our eyes to the sky as they follow their leader.  

It seems the leader's spot is filled by several different birds.  The one in front must know the direction and break the still air and create a draft to pull the others along.  The leader must be strong and wise.  The top spot is the most difficult spot and not for the faint of heart.  It requires not only wisdom but a spirit of encouragement.  One bold bird has to break from the flock and lead the way.


Occasionally you will see the geese circling over a river, lake or other water source.  They do stop and rest and feed along the way.  "Indian legend has it that sometimes they'd circle until they fell out of the sky.  What they are really looking for is a leader.  All those birds and they keep circling forever until one breaks the cycle and heads north again."   Out of the crowd emerges a leader who is brave enough to accept the challenge of leading the way..  Most of us want to continue circling with the flock, and follow rather than lead.  What would happen if no one was willing and brave enough to break from the flock and show the way?  Perhaps the Indians were correct  in their prediction of the outcome when no one dares to lead.  They would continue to circle until they finally dropped from the sky. 

Will you listen for God's nudges and take a step out of your comfort zone?  Will you dare to be that one bold bird?  Will you show others the way?

"You never know who will stand with you unless you stand up first."

Malala Yousafzai-Nobel Peace Prize Winner

"Where there is no guidance the people fall,

But in abundance of counselors there is victory."

Proverbs 11:14


It all begins from our early days in elementary school,  "For today's assignment on the first day of school, write a one page essay on what you did during summer vacation."  I can hear your groans all the way over here!


We spend more time than we care to remember writing our stories.  There are those who diligently keep a journal or diary creating a saga.  There are others who really would prefer to forget large chunks of their life.  The fact remains at some point you will need to make a recount of your life.

Our real story telling begins when we start applying for college.  Tell us your academic story and include your service to the community and we also are interested in your extracurricular activities.  Pages upon pages of details of your education story, all in hopes of impressing the admissions committee enough to allow you to cross those hallowed doors.

Our lives are filled with stories.  Each and every doctor wants a complete medical history.  Do they even look at those things after we spend hours trying to come up with each and every test and procedure of a lifetime.  I feel like someone is comparing what I say to what I said the last time I filled out one of these histories.  Who can remember all that stuff after 70+ years?  It could be bad news if during surgery they discovered I ALREADY had my gall bladder removed, but forgot to include it in my history.

Then there is the job application or resume which is totally different type of story about your life.  Do they want to know I wrapped presents at the local mercantile during Christmas when I was 15?  How extensive does my description of what my daily duties need to be?  Should I really divulge my past salaries?  SERIOUSLY, you want to see my college transcript?  Could I put an explanation for my grades my first year?  Do positions of leadership include leader of the pack?  Should I be completely honest or embellish the truth?  Would it be wrong to honestly tell them the reason I want the job is to make money?

Then there is the final story--the obituary.  I must confess I am a student of obituaries.  I read the local obits everyday--first to make sure I know Who died? (and make sure it was not me) and second to see the style and content of the obit.  There are some who have obviously written their own obits---except for the date of death.  Obviously staying in control to the bitter end is utmost in their priorities.  Then there are those which read like a application for Who's Who.  A laundry list of clubs, organizations, offices held, accomplishments, and on and on.  A carefully orchestrated synopsis of a life time of doing.  There are sweet ones when it is so obvious how well loved the dearly departed was by kin and friend.  My favorites are the ones which make me laugh out loud.  How great to go out making others laugh.  I am hoping when my number is up, my children and friends are laughing over Lulu stories.

WELL NOW~where in the world am I going??  Until the fat lady sings, until the last tear has fallen, until the last breath is taken----the story is not over.  There is more--another day.  There is always hope and opportunity to add to the story.  God knows--He has our days counted--there is no time to waste, there is still time to add to the story.  How will your story end?  Acceptance of the inevitable by sitting and waiting for it to happen or living full steam ahead.  Robert Frost has a poem with this stanza which sums up so well what I am trying to say:

The wood are lovely, dark and deep

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost


 If you read my blog at all, you are well aware I am the queen of the exclamation mark.   I LIVE ON THE EDGE OF EMPHATIC!

The irony of all those sentences with emphasis is my life is more like a period  than an exclamation mark.  The only time in the real world I am living out the exclamation is when I am belly laughing (MUST be obnoxious for those nearby) or when I get really ticked off or when I am living on the ragged edge of danger. It takes a LOT to get me steaming, but when I am--watch out.  The exclamation points are flying fast and furious.  Most of the time, I am shame faced after my explosion and I am always drained.   As for danger, these days I am really trying to avoid those dangerous moments of hanging on the edge of disaster by a thread.

Come to think of it, exclamation marks take a LOT of energy. To quote today's encyclopedia - Wikipedia- usually used after an interjection or exclamation to indicate strong feelings or high volume, or to show emphasis.

I am tired after writing the definition, much less experiencing the emotion.  Calm, cool and collected is my mantra.  I do not get my panties in a wad--sorry but that really is a good description--over much.  Why I feel the need to write with such emphasis and feelings is beyond me.  My oral volume is so low I am often asked to repeat.  It is either my low volume or perhaps I am muttering--oh wait--muttering indicates low volume and slurred speech.  At any rate, to say the least I am not a brilliant orator who inspires crowds to great emotion.  It is more like a bedtime story which produces a good case of the yawns.

My writing is contradictory to my living.  Raised in a home where silence was valued, children were seen and not heard.  Thus the need to slip out one of the back doors ASAP and get as far away as possible before the explosion of pent up noise.  Unfortunately, the lessons learned at the feet of our parents are often repeated.  I cannot count how many times I have told my children and grandchildren to use their inside voices.  High volume and high emotion are not my favorite state of affairs.  

Interesting since I greatly enjoy the company of those who do live in a world of exclamations.  The brash story teller, the over the top laugher, in general the center of attention peak my interest.  Perhaps because it is so different and almost foreign to who I am.  BUT-those who live in an exclamation mark world also drain me.  I love short bursts, but a steady stream of strong feelings is a sure recipe for a quick exit.

I am so thankful we all are different.  I love to experience the exclamation points of life, but most of my life is spent with the periods.  The exclamation points are fun and exciting and often thrilling, but the periods--that is real life 99% of the time.  Living beyond the exclamation mark in the solid ground of the period is the reality of what most of our lives look like.  Nothing wrong with that--in fact--period are solid and dependable.  There is much to be said for the periods in our stories.  A fitting ending to most of our trek through life.  

"Peace I leave with you;

my peace I give to you.

Not as the world gives do I give to you.

Let now your hearts be troubled,

neither let them be afraid."

John 14:27


 I am a creature of habit and, as I age, those habits grow stronger.

My calendar is a study in routine.  I have specific days of the week for specific activities.   Most days begin and end much the same.  Everything has an order and order creates routine.  As I have aged and my brain sometimes fails me, these routines and habits keep me headed in the right direction.  

 Who wants to spend hours looking for a car in a huge parking lot such as the airport?  I have learned to take a photo of the signs denoting where I have parked.  After a week of traveling, I would prefer to not search multiple lots for my transportation home.  Why, when I go to the grocery store or discount store, or my favorite the nursery, I park in specific rows --even if it means walking a long way.  The extra exercise will not hurt and it is better than walking up and down every row looking for where I mindlessly parked my car.  (I DO KNOW there is an alarm on your key for cases like this--that is another post for another day on why I hesitate to use that key).

Trips in my car also include routine.  I am stuck on traveling the short way home.  My smart phone not only knows where I am going but the route I take when headed out.  It will tell me how much time it should take.  I go to the Well by the same route and come home another but predictable route.  I go to the grocery store by the same route and park in the same row.  My friendly nursery and hardware store are a predictable journey.  I go into automatic pilot when I leave my house and some days can not tell you what I did or did not see on the way to and from. 

Good friend, Sheila, recently hiked part of the Appalachian trail.  This photo indicates it has become a beaten path.  A well worn path with thousands of foot prints keeping the path clear each year from late spring to late fall.  You would have to be blind to miss the path.  I think it is safe to say that most hikers do not venture far from the beaten path and are only seeing as far as the eye can see from the trail.  Trails such as this can get down right crowded and who knows what you are missing while traveling in heavy traffic.

Recently, for some strange reason, I was off my beaten path.  I passed by a new building which had not only been built and completed but was also open for business since I had traveled by the location.  This is not far off my path, and yet I missed the fact a new business was coming because I do not venture off the path very often.

What else am I missing by not changing up my routines?  With familiarity comes failure to observe.  There is a busy world all around us, but we may be failing to see some of the marvels of this life by staying in our ruts.  The rut gets deeper and deeper and soon we are so deep we can not see over the edge of the path and only know what is directly in front of us.  By staying in a routine we might be missing the joy of a new friend or the marvel of God's creation.

What if the disciple had not varied from his routine and refused to step out of the boat?  What if his lack of faith had caused him to miss the miracle of walking on the water?  What if he insisted upon taking the same way home and turned the boat toward shore?  What a wonder he would have missed, by refusing to take a step of faith and walk a new path toward Jesus.

Time to get off the beaten path and experience the wonders of the path less taken.   A single step in faith can lead to wonders beyond our wildest dreams.

"So Peter got out of the boat
and walked on the water
and came to Jesus."
Matthew 14:29


 Entering alone, I try not to draw attention.  Not making eye contact or slowing down to utter more than a hello, I am looking for safety within a crowd.  Unsure of my welcome, I sit near the rear-alone near the aisle in case I need to make a quick exit.  Everyone seems to be sitting with someone and friendly chatter floats all around as I sit in the silence of all alone.  Perhaps you think I am removed or withdrawn; perhaps you think I am aloof and unfriendly.  The truth of my isolation and loneliness are carefully hidden behind a faceless mask.  Finally it is time to depart, and I fly out the door as I entered.  A widow or single, someone different than the crowd, disheveled and perhaps not clean, whatever the description no one desires to be alone in a crowd.  Do you see me?

It is never easy to take all the children to the store.  I feel those disapproving stares when a melt down of epic proportions commences.  You coldly walk by and avert your eyes or worse you comment on my lack of control over my children.  You never stop to ask can you help.  Having no idea the child in question is my foster child I am trying to give a safe home.  Abused and abandoned, he has never known anything beyond the disdain of every significant adult.  Unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar places, unfamiliar situations ramp us his insecurity and often leads to cries of anguish.  It will take patience and time to establish he is safe in his little mind.  I am in it for the long haul and will provide the reassurances he needs.  A kind word, an offer to help, or even a simple distraction would help my day.  He is not a bad child--but a child who has been badly treated in the past.  We all need to help him and show him there is more.  Could you stop for a minute?  Do you see me?

I had to leave everything behind and now I am living in a strange place without any of my things with me.  Donated clothing, shoes which do not fit, in fact not one thing that is familiar in a place to keep me safe..  I feel as if I am in exile through no fault of my own.  The bruises and cuts and scrapes tell the story of my flight.  My children are bewildered and miss their dad---they do not really understand. " Why did we have to leave our toys, our home?  What did we do?"  It is all so overwhelming that I cannot take the first step.  I sit and I stare and wonder "Why Me" and "What am I going to do?"  Desperate for help, afraid to take a step, fearing for my life I do not know which way to turn.  Do you see me?  Are you willing to help?

How will I pay my rent and utilities this month?  Food stamps help, but there is so much more they do not cover--hygiene products, cleaning supplies, gasoline.  My money is stretched thin.  There is not one dime for emergencies, much less extras.  My children have school fees, need school supplies, and uniforms are now required.  I am barely squeaking by and the list of needs is growing.  I am desperate for help and need someone to give me direction.  Living in poverty is not about being poor, it is about living without hope for a better day.   Do you see me?

"Defend the weak and the fatherless;

uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed"

Psalm 82:3


 We math oriented people realize the world revolves around math.  Why even the turning of Earth is all based upon mathematical principles.  NOW, I know some of you think the arts are the greatest influence, but I challenge you to think this over- the arts are also based upon math.  Perhaps the principles are more abstract in art, but math is still present.  The common denominator is a fascinating principle of fractions.  OH, I said fractions, and many of you went into a panic.  In an effort to simplify, let me just tell you the common denominator is something all have in common.  NOW THAT WASN'T SO DIFFICULT ~WAS IT?

Most of the group-
Someone always needs to be different

This past weekend we had a memorial walk organized by the sassy lady on the left forefront.  This is most of the running group I ran with for over 20 years.  The majority of us are walkers these days.  We all refer to all those miles of running together as the "good old days".  Week in and week out for over twenty years, we met at various places and ran together, mainly in the wee hours of the morning.  With all those miles of running, you need a distraction from the pain and repetition.  We talked and talked and talked.  No subject was off limits!  With time and experience we began to realize the trust we could have in each other.  Then we began to not just talk but to share.  Sharing the really high ups and the lowest of the downs, we formed community while pounding the pavement.  We have celebrated marriages, births, accomplishments, retirements, ballgames, illness recoveries and high points of all varieties.  We have also held each other up in the worst of times-illness, disappointments, bone breaks, divorce, loss of husbands, parents, friends, siblings, and children.  We formed a concrete bond over a long history of living life together while pounding pavement.  

Today the group is no more.  Some have splintered off and pursued biking, but the majority of us do not meet together on a regular basis.  It is amazing how we can come together once a year for a memorial walk for the daughter of our sweet friend and it all clicks again.  I decided it was exactly like attending a family reunion.  Though you are separated by distance and circumstance, the bond which holds you together has not disappeared.  There is no erasing history.

What is this all about---our common denominators help us form community.  God did not intend for man to live alone.  We were created to live in community with our fellow man.  Community is naturally formed with family, but many other avenues can also create our communities.  Any shared interest, experience, desire, activity, club, and on and on can connect us.  Community comes when we take it a step further and begin to get to know one another.  The more we know the deeper the bond.  Our community is based upon primarily our shared history.  History which comes with investment in each other.

What a blessing that God not only creates us to live in community, but pulls us together by varying means.  God wants to live with us in community also.  We can take clues about how that community should look from His Word.  Once our community is established with God, then we understand how to form community with our fellow man.  What a blessing that God provides all we need-including community.

5 so in Christ we, though many, form one body,
 and each member belongs to all the others.
Romans 12:5


 Our fearless leaders at The Well called us together for a ministry update yesterday.

Those two have more energy and passion than a room full of tele-evangelist!  LOVE their vision and focus in stepping along side those who might struggle in our community.  The purpose is to NOT take on someone or some group as a "Project".  The purpose is to step along side and grow community while listening and looking for solutions.  Working together to form a better community is our purpose.

The most beautiful by-product of the services offered at The Well has been seeing community grow with those who are members.  They have stepped up to the plate--shared with one another, cared for one another, prayed for one another, and perhaps most important assumed ministry roles within the community.  They are reaching out to other friends and neighbors and bringing them into the fold.  They are volunteering in the community.  They are being the hands and feet of Christ for those in their sphere of influence.  THAT is what it is all about!

OFF my soap box and back to the subject~

Most of my readers will think I am a little off center when I ask them if they are living in poverty.  We certainly do not lack for anything to eat, a place to sleep,  shoes on our feet, or friends and family to love us.  Why in the world's eyes we are the rich--the affluent--the haves.  As was explained to us yesterday, there is more to poverty than material comforts. 

 Look up the definition of poverty in the dictionary.

1.  the state of being extremely poor

2.  the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount

3.  powerlessness

When the truly materially poor are asked what poverty is their answer is strikingly different from ours.  We tend to address the basic material needs of man.  Those living in poverty give a starkly different definition.  They are more apt to address anger, isolation, fear, voicelessness, and powerlessness to name a few.  It is always in the eyes of the beholder as to how anything is defined.

When I think of poverty, not having enough comes to mind.  The Well strives to address the poverty of four completely different areas.  


Community between God and man

Community within ourselves- Do we see ourselves as God does?

Community between man and God's creation

Community between man and his fellow man

When any of these areas are insufficient or inferior, we are living in poverty.  Our goal should be to establish or strengthen any of the areas where we are poor.  Start at the top and strengthen your community with God and in most cases the others will follow in a naturally flowing progression.

Why else would Jesus include the "poor in spirit" in His famous sermon?  It seems to me, that we are not automatically blessed by being spiritually poor.  We are blessed when we recognize we are spiritually poor--confess our insufficiency and powerlessness without God.  BUT GOD  --will fill us to overflowing and we will grow in our realization of being in The Kingdom.  We are in and of the Kingdom because of Jesus paying our fee for admission.  Jesus showed us the beauty of community by modeling how to be a part of community.

I am praying we are all RICH!  Not by the standards of the world, but by the standards of that with real meaning-that with utmost importance.  May we overflow with the fruits of the spirit as we trek through this world.

"God blesses those who are poor 

and realizes their need for him,

for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs."

New Living Translation

Matthew 5:3



I like to call myself a gardener.  OH, I KNOW better than to even put myself in the same hemisphere with all my master gardener friends out there.  I claim amateur status at best.  As I see it, the difference in a master gardener and an amateur is patience and perseverance.   I confess to a lazy streak and lack of focus in gardening---top that off with a long list of gardening projects I NEVER even get off the ground and you have amateur status.

I am much better at reading all the books and magazines about gardening and dreaming of the garden I would love to have than putting in the actual work.  Once I finally motivate myself to get out in the garden, I normally stay long enough to get dirt under all my nails before I am distracted and heading off to another project.  To top that off  those master gardeners have to know all the scientific names of the flora.  I cannot even give you the common name of most flowers but instead tend to group them into yellow, red, orange, etc.  Why if I cannot remember the common name ~coral bell WHY in heavens name would I EVER think I could remember Heuchera~much less pronounce it correctly.!

My REAL gardening problem is NOT any of this, but instead, my laziness.  I am too lazy to dig the right size hole to put the plant in the ground.  It is not easy digging holes.  There is that hard ground and the web of roots that are invariably in the ground and the water system pipes and electrical lines to avoid.  It is really a LOT of trouble to not only dig that hole deep and wide enough but to also deal with the maze of roots.  Why some time you even need to till mulch and other  additives to make the ground the perfect medium for the plants.  It REALLY is a lot of work!  I cannot tell you how many times I have stuck a plant in a too shallow-too tight hole.  A sure recipe for a struggling plant.

BUT-when you bother to do the preparation correctly, you reap the benefits of all that hard work.  Your garden will thrive-even in tough conditions--and you will reap the reward of your work.

So it is with our spiritual gardens.   We need to tend the garden of our soul.  Establish the dirt work into which we dig the correct size holes in which to plant.  The garden will flourish when we take the time to prepare for the seeds which God sows.  The roots will grow deeper and spread wider to be near the source of nourishment and water.  In times of great drought, little sunshine, and searing heat, our garden will survive.  Not only will it survive, but live to thrive again in times of ease.  Tend your garden well--there are no shortcuts.  Your spiritual garden will be a place of great beauty and bountiful harvest if you richly prepare the ground in which the seeds are sown.

3 “Listen! A farmer went out to sow his seed. 4 As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. 5 Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. 6 But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. 7 Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants, so that they did not bear grain. 8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”

Mark 4:3-8