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Remember the story of the shady lane across the road where Hero & I often walk?


Hero is a dog with an opinion about where he wants to walk.  If I do not head in the direction he wants to go, he tucks that tail, lowers those ears, and stops---all out dead still stop.  He likes to go across the road, and most mornings, he walks the circular route through the hood, but always heads to the shady path when we arrive at the junction at the front of the Hood.  He has made a tempting discovery on the road with the shady path ~

There are rabbits hiding in the tall grass enjoying their early morning breakfast.  The first time we came upon Mr. Rabbit, I was not prepared and Hero almost jerked my arm out of socket when he took off after his intended prey.  Before I knew what was happening, I was being pulled off balance.  WHAT, the silly dog would do with a rabbit if he caught it is another question.  Let this be a warning to all rabbits and cats (he hates cats too) lurking around the hood ~ There is a pint size wonder dog on your trail.  He does not wish you well and intends to cause bodily harm.

NOW, Hero has enough gray matter to know each and every time we take that morning walk, where those rabbits are hiding.  Interestingly, we have seen at least one every day since then and sometimes two.  He really gets wound up over two.  I have learned there is a rabbit in the area when suddenly Hero's tail goes up, his hackles rise, and he gets a bounce in his step.  The usual tail at half staff, droopy eared slug fest of a walk is quickly replaced by 

He smells them long before either of us see them.  But my eyes are now peeled as soon as he picks up the pace.  Who knows how far he would chase them if he was off leash.  One thing is for certain, all Hero can think about on our morning walks these days is 


Off task is an understatement!  He is consumed with heading down the rabbit trail.

I tend to go down rabbit trails myself.  Do you?  I get distracted by the little things and start to think I need to take care of a pesky problem which takes my eye off the big things before me.  Rabbit trails are not necessarily the places rabbits trek.  I can get mired down in some small annoyance or perceived problem or something I take as a slight and stay on that trail completely forgetting what really matters.  You guys KNOW I am NOT speaking of rabbits here.  It's those little day by day distractions in life--the drama involved in living.  Sometimes we get so involved in going down these rabbit trails that we go from rabbit trail to rabbit trail, losing sight of the true path set before us. Heaven help us if the trail takes us to the rabbit hole!  We could spend eternity staring down into the black hole leading to nowhere.  Thankful God is holding my leash and directing my path -  NOW if I can only learn to ignore the scent of those pesky rabbits!

"Stay on the path that the Lord your God 

has commanded you to follow.

Then you will live long and prosperous lives."

Deuteronomy 5:33


  1. Yes, Lord, help us all stay on Your path. No more rabbit holes!
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. I have stuck my hole down FAR too many holes in my life, Martha!


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