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Our small group has been studying this study of Galatians

We are about two thirds through the book, but I already see the profound point God is teaching me in this study ~

"God not only wants to redeem us from eternal death, but he wants to redeem us from a life that is not experiencing freedom.  He wants us to have our  life from Him, not from the things around us such as comparing ourselves to others, the expectations we have placed on ourselves and others, and the sufferings of life."

Hit me between the eyes with a two by four!  GUILTY!  

We have had a good discussion about this one short paragraphs during two sessions already.  Who among us is not guilty of comparison?  We KNOW we are fearfully and wonderfully made--in the very image of God.  Yet we insist upon comparison.  This is like comparing apples to oranges.  Yes, they are both fruits, yes, they are both round, but I assure you when you want to eat an apple, you do not want an orange.  They are similar, but also so different.

As for the expectations we place on ourselves and others--look first to your own children and tell me you have never placed an expectation upon them.  Why I would go as far as to say "no expectation" is an expectation.  (Let it sink in)  In most cases we cannot meet the invisible bar of expectations no matter where they come from, because the bar keeps being raised.  I read in another book this very week, "Disappointments come from expectation."  That is a blog in itself.  I could write circles around that statement.

The sufferings of life is the only factor we have little control over in many if not most instances.  We will lose loved ones, we will suffer illnesses, we may struggle financially, we may be maligned and slandered, and on and on.  Who we blame and how we handle our sufferings are up to us.  I have a friend who has suffered great life altering loss.  She will tell you I am the one to decide every morning when I first awaken how I will live this day ~ in the depths of despair or searching for the joy.

SO ~ here is your take away-  God wants you to live the abundant life through Him.  Seek His counsel, His direction, His presence.  God never compares us and His only expectation is more of a hope or desire that we would seek Him.  God is also present in our suffering.  It has been my experience I am most aware of His presence in my greatest sufferings. 

When I read or hear something that stays with me, it becomes stored up wisdom for future reference.  So thankful for a God Who is always teaching me.

"Blessed is the man whom you chasten, O Lord,

And in whom You teach out of Your Law."

Psalm 94:12


  1. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, "Pain is God's megaphone." When we do suffer, it seems the Lord will speak to us the loudest, offering comfort and peace.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. AMEN, My Friend! Love that quote!


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