This word was sent by a friend who has traveled a different path than most of us Southerners.  Being multi-cultural brings with it more than one way of thinking.  This friend is not shy about challenging others with different ideas. (Nothing I like more than a good philosophy challenge.)   NOT a chip off the old southern block, she threw me a curve with this word.  I had to do some deep thinking.

First thought was pre-destination.  You are aware of this philosophy in the Christian church?  Without opening this entire can of worms, let me just say I have determined I am without a doubt at least 4/5 Calvinist (belief in pre-destination).  I have spent hour upon hour discussing it with others and we are NOT going there with this blog post.  Second thought was all the songs which are about our destiny.  Doris Day made famous "Que Sera, Sera"- translation What will be, will be.  Cat Stevens sang "The Wind".  There are songs which point to one's true love being pulled together without choice or effort.  I also thought of children I have known who were named Destiny.  I am not certain what that is supposed to say about the child.  Finally there is that old joker 

If you have not yet figured out this is not always the case, allow me to clue you in.  It is NOT a law of nature (much less God), that you will get back exactly what you gave out.  Not all bullies are eventually bullied, lots of hard word does not insure a bountiful harvest (there are other factors that have to be met ~sun, rain, pestilence), nor does living a good healthy lifestyle guarantee a long life.  It just does not work that way.  There is justice, but justice is not karma (THAT is another post in its entirety)

The definition of destiny ~

                         the events that will necessarily happen 
                       to a particular person or thing in the future

could be interpreted  there are things which will happen no matter what we do.  I read this while researching ~

This seems harsh, but is it true?  If you truly believe in destiny or kismet (another word for destiny)  - why would you ever make any effort?  After all - if there is no way to change your destiny---it will happen with or without your effort.  Sit back and enjoy the ride that leads to your inevitable destiny.

WHAT does believing in destiny do to our ability of always having hope and faith?  If there is no changing our destiny, why would we have any hope for a better or at least different future.  What would come of our faith?   We humans are wired to have faith and hope.  There are certainly factors which can work to diminish and sometimes destroy this, but faith and hope are what keep us going.  When things are at their worst, we do not accept this as our destiny, but instead have faith in our hope for a better tomorrow.  Give me faith and hope over destiny every day.

I prefer to believe in God having a perfect plan for my life.  That plan can be found when I seek God with all my heart and listen to His direction.  There is hope for a better tomorrow and faith that  every day is the day the Lord has made.  The only destiny I truly believe in is my destiny to be eternally with God because I believe in Him whom I have called upon.  His good purpose is my desired destiny.

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;
 your steadfast love, O Lord
endures forever.
Psalm  138:8

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  1. Faith and hope trump destiny at every turn, Lulu. God has a plan for our lives, and we need to trust in Him to bring it to fruition. Great reflection today!

  2. Destiny's a hard one.

    I'm grateful ours is assured. Thank You, Jesus ...

    1. It was, Linda. It took some digging around in the old gray matter!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. I was a little fractious earlier on. I'm much karma now.

    God has a plan for our lives, (destiny), but we are free to follow this plan or not.

    God bless.

  4. Do you just think of these quips off the top of your head, Victor? Amazing!

    1. Yes ... sometimes words just form in my head. I have to stop what I am doing and write them down before I forget.

      God bless.


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