Long time friend (we raised children the same age), faithful encourager  and an individual, in her own right, sent me today's word.   Who among us is NOT guilty of some conformity?  My first thought  ~   CONFORMING TO SOCIETY .  (Society no longer gives us a very high standard in which to conform.)    My second thought  ~ 

The question becomes whose rules are you following?  Just in case this fits you, here's you shirt.  My last thought ~

All of you long time blog readers know I have sheep in my past.  The real wooly kind of sheep who eat and poop.  They are NOT smart animals!  As long as there is food in front of them, they will eat until they keel over and founder; they will follow their leader into the briar patch; they pretty much do no independent thinking.  They are herd animals.

Conformity is not ALL bad.  If we did not conform to the laws of the road, we would have chaos (there is enough of that on the road as it is).  Conforming to rules for healthy living can serve us well.  The hood is all about conformity.  We have a multiple page document telling you what you can and cannot do with your property.  It has produced a nice, quiet, safe, and neat neighborhood.  

So what is the definition of Conformity ~

compliance with standards, rules, or laws.

Then what is the definition of comply~

act in accordance 

So conformity is acting in accordance with standards, rules or laws.  Most of us probably think of standards imposed by those around us when considering conformity.  That is not all bad--or is it?

The problem with conformity is when we loose our ability to be who we are.  I recently gave one of my grands this piece of advice 

It takes courage to stand up and be true to who you are.  We are not always taught to think for ourselves and not follow the pack.  It makes me think of the often heard question of childhood ~


In the last dozen years, I have finally begun to figure out exactly who I am.  All of my life has been spent trying to conform to what those around me expected and demonstrated as being acceptable.  Speaking of a slippery slope - conformity can consume your world.  

FINALLY, in the final chapters of my life, I have begun to determine what I am must suited for, how to use my God given talents to best serve Him, and to know He created me to be an individual.   It is one thing to be a black sheep, but to not only be different, but to step away from the herd and make your own path takes one brave sheep.   It may be lonely at times to stand apart, but it may also produce the best you ever.

Conformity is not all bad, but it can become the tyrant that rules our lives.  We are best served by considering how to conform without loosing our identity.  The first step to discovering our individual identity is stepping away from the herd and practicing thinking for yourself.  OH MY!  How it will set you free.

"Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world,

but let God transform you into a new person

by changing the way you think."

Romans 12:2

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  1. We are not to conform to the standards the world sets (popular opinion), but to the rules our loving Father has given us. If we do that, we will be of one mind and heart with Him, and our individual expressions of His love will honor Him.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. I could write a whole book about this subject. The problem is we are all created as individuals by a Creator God. However, today's society largely does not believe in God and expects you to conform to that belief.

    Over here Christianity is often ridiculed on radio and TV. This influences a lot of vulnerable people to believe the same in order to avoid ridicule.

    God bless.

  3. That makes me so sad, Victor. I am certain in parts of our country this must be the case, but here in the Deep South we are still know as the Bible Belt. I am proud to be a citizen of the Bible Belt. You SHOULD write a book about this subject.


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