I am delighted with each and every word that has been sent  for blog inspiration,  True confession ~ a few have me digging deep.  No problem---I LOVE a good dig!  It is NEVER too late---if you have not read Monday's post HERE, I have asked you to send me one word and one word only to inspire a blog post.   

Today's word ~

was sent by a life long friend.  She knew me back when my knees were constantly skinned and I was a serious tomboy.  This friend is the one who is  always behind getting our high school class together for reunions.  My first thought when she texted me that her word was expectations is that is how I feel over our 55th  (YES--I am older than dirt) high school reunion this fall.  We may have to begin meeting annually since we are losing classmates more and more rapidly.  One of our last get togethers we made this picture of the James Avenue classmates

Sadly two of these dear friends are now gone.  So I am looking forward with great expectation to our fall reunion.  How we laugh as we reminisce about the "Good Old Days".  It truly amazes me the details some of the classmates can remember.  I am certain those memories are stored in my memory bank somewhere, but I cannot seem to access them.  The joy of getting old!

What is the process of creating these blogs?  Normally I have an instant impression or thought off of which I play.  I let that thought marinate and roll around in the gray matter before sitting down to write.  The first step when I beginning writing is looking up the definition of the word.  Today when I looked up expectation, I found this ~

a strong belief or feeling that something will happen

or be the case in the future

Why I believe that is totally based upon HOPE.   Guess what the definition of hope is ~

a feeling of expectation and desire 

for a certain thing to happen

It would seem looking at these definitions hope precedes expectations or does it?  They are so closely intertwined you cannot have one without the other.  It is the classic chicken or egg which came first question.  

What would life be without hope?  How many times have I heard the expression ~ "He gave up all hope."  It is meant to indicate someone is living in utter despair of a better day.  This very thing was said about my daddy when he died in a short period of time from lung cancer.  Yes, the cancer killed him, but the loss of hope hastened the process.

Could we continue to put one foot in front of another if we had no hope--no expectations for the future?  That is a daunting question.  I think of the Holocaust survivors who survived against all odds.  There is something deep within us which clings to the hope and expectation of better days--bright tomorrows--future joy.  Why else would we continue forward when we are in the deepest of pits?  

God placed that spark of expectation in us with the promise of eternal life by believing in what Jesus did  to seal that promise.  We know as we know  there will be a better day.  We live in expectation of seeing Jesus one day.  "Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness."

Expectations built on hope.  What a glorious gift.

"And this hope will not lead to disappointment.

For we know how dearly God loves us,

because He has given us the Holy Spirit 

to fill our hearts with His love."

Romans 5:5

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  1. Hope is my word for the year, Lulu. How could we live one day without it?
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. And a good word to live by, My Friend!


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