Often I have comments from you about how many people are touched by my writings.  While that is certainly flattering, the truth is I have a small intimate audience.  It is so small that I miss you when you do not click to read the latest blog.  I notice your absence.  I have delusions of grandeur that what I have to say is SO important that no one would want to miss it.  Most of the world seems to be doing just fine without reading my latest muse.  

I dedicate two days of the week  to The Well.  One of the things I do is teach an exercise class to the ladies.  The numbers have dwindled to a handful.  Many of the ladies come after exercise to play Bingo, but can not seem to make an appearance for exercise.   Should I take this personally or recognize a huge segment of the population do not really want to exercise?  Do I continue to spend this time teaching exercise-even when the group has dwindled in number?  Would I be sending the message that helping these ladies to become more fit is not important if I discontinued the class?

Exactly what is a delusion of grandeur?

  1. a false impression of one's own importance.

I have always maintained the world will knock the blocks out from under any pretense I might have of being charming, gifted, smart, or important.  Actually, I think God is working at keeping me humble.  He has done a great job of reminding me of the life verse I claim as my plumb line~

The truth of the matter is the importance is NOT in the numbers.  The importance is in that ONE very important person who hears my voice-YOU.  The importance is in the relationship I am building with that handful of women at The Well.  When I become consumed with numbers, I am looking away from those God has placed in my path.  I am scanning the room to see who I might have missed, when all along the most important person in the room, at this moment for me, is YOU!

I am preaching to myself today, Friends.  I need to get over any thoughts of whom I might like to be.  Instead, focus on portraying

Remember the one lost sheep in the herd of one hundred.  Remember it is just as important to speak into the life of the lost sheep as to preach to the entire herd.  Get over any delusion of grandeur you might suffer with and keep in mind God is reflected in you to those in your path.  Walk humbly indeed!

"Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit,
but in humility count others more significant than yourselves."
Philippians 2:3


  1. Micah 6:8 is my life verse, too, Lulu!!! I quit looking at blog stats ages ago. It isn't the number of folks we reach with our words, it's all about doing it because we feel called by God to serve Him in this way. May we always be humble and kind.

  2. Me, too! This is an interesting perspective! Here, I thought I was the only one who became excited at stats ... or lack thereof. Even when I share something (I consider) profound on FB, often it gets little response. So why is it, I feel deflated?

  3. I have a theory, Myra. God wants to make certain we understand all comes from Him. We can claim no personal glory, for all glory goes to God.

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  5. Maybe it's me ... maybe I am big headed ... with delusion of whatever.

    I do look at the stats regularly ... monthly. They tell me which posts attract most readers, and where those readers are from. I learn that perhaps some subjects resonate with people more than others ... maybe it's the title, or the matter discussed. I gauge where the interest out there is. For example, subjects like worry, pain, suffering attract more readers. I know there is a need out there for more balm and relief ... in a Christian context.

    God bless.


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!