A little light touch to end the week~

There is a comedian who has made a fortune from pointing out the stupid things we can say.  (GUILTY!)

His standard line is above.  Here are a few I found while flitting around on the WWW.

Have we not ALL been guilty at some time or another of asking some dumb question?  My question to end this week is when you are guilty (DO NOT DENY IT) can you laugh at yourself and keep on trucking?  OR do you take yourself FAR too seriously and become huffy?  I, for one, never cease to be amazed at the stupid things I can say---especially when I have my brain out of gear.  Neutral is a tricky gear---you can roll forward or roll backward, but seldom do you sit still.  If you catch me saying something that leaves you wondering where my sign is---go ahead and laugh and be thankful you see the fun in it all.  I do not mind being the subject of your jocularity!

"God has made me laugh, 

and all who hear will laugh with me."

Genesis 21:6 



  1. Been there, done that, Lulu! Bill Engvall is one of my favorite comedians, and you've found some great memes here that illustrate "Here's your sign" perfectly.

  2. Love these! Good, clean comedy is getting harder and harder to find. Sometimes, all I have to do is look in the mirror and reflect.


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