The pandemic shut down has not been my friend--or has it?  I come from a family of introverts--that does not mean we do not enjoy people--we just need to recharge in solitude.  Introverts get their battery charged when alone.  Extroverts get their batteries recharged around people.  No right or wrong in personalities, but as as introvert I wonder when do you do your thinking if you are always either around or needing to be around people?  I DIGRESS!


My sister in law told my brother the pandemic shut down had played right into his need for solitude.  We were not only given "Permission", but we were mandated to limit any social contact.  It is amazing how I can spend hours alone and only occasionally feel the need for social contact.  NOW--in my defense--I do enjoy being around others--I love people.  The thing is I also cherish my times of solitude and actually need them or pay the price of exhaustion.  SO--we have a pandemic and I spend hours alone---but never really alone since I have lots of solitary activities and a really active "thinking life".  Of course the Wonder Dog is always by my side too.


NOW--I have had three shots --the  case numbers are down and I feel much safer about being in public.  The problem is I have grown accustomed to being alone a great deal.  I am having a difficult time getting myself going again.  Before the world turned upside down, I had a well balanced active life.  Then COVID entered the picture and the world is topsy- turvy.  Getting my social motor not just started but running has become an issue.  I KNOW there is a need for social interaction--getting out the door is my issue.  I have time each week I volunteer, but anything beyond my regularly scheduled outings --I need a swift kick to get out the door.  I have done it--and hopefully the times will increase, but it has been a struggle.  Anyone else noticed this?  I know many never slowed down, but I am a cautious person and listened to what we were asked to do.  NOW how do I get myself out that door?

PS--I am beginning to get going--it just takes a while these days to get my motor warmed up. 

"4 For just as each of us has one body with many members,

 and these members do not all have the same function,

 so in Christ we, though many, form one body, 

and each member belongs to all the others."

Romans 12 : 4-5


  1. Like you, Lulu, I'm an introvert, so I got through this lock down time fairly easily. However, after our third booster, Danny and I are more than ready to fly the coop, so to speak. I do love people and miss interacting with others, so our upcoming trip should remedy that.

  2. That’s exciting, Martha! I have travel plans for Thanksgiving & have planned a trip with one of my grands after Christmas. Perhaps that will get me going again.


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