Our neighborhood book club has installed a "Little Library" for the enjoyment of all our neighbors in the midst of the hood.  I LOVE how these things can come together as if it was all planned in the grand scheme of eternity.  We met one Wednesday and someone mentioned wouldn't it be nice to have a free little neighborhood library.  The very NEXT day our friend from the next hood announced on social media she had a box she wanted to give away.  I jumped on it--without considering how we would get this done.  Without boring you with the details, here we are two months later with the dream come true.  

Here is the thing about this little box ~  it only works if you are willing to share.  I decided a LONG time ago unless I was going to reread a book (that does happen occasionally), I would pass it on.  For years I read e books, but in the last few years I have gone back to the real deal in order to share the books I purchase.  The only instructions for the neighbors are--

Take a Book

Leave a Book

Or Do Both

So far this has worked great.  Our inventory has grown.

We started here and the box is now full to the brim.  Neighbors are sharing with neighbors and it is fun watching the process.  Books have gone from sitting on a shelf gathering dust to being passed around among friends and neighbors.  I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get from walking by a window and seeing a bicycle pulled up to the library with a child browsing the children's section.  It always gives me great joy to know a child is reading.  What great satisfaction we all get knowing others are enjoying the books we have read.  

Such a wonderful example of the great heart growth we experience when we are willing to share anything we call "MINE".  It is ALWAYS better to give than to receive and sharing is one of the first lessons we learn in life.  Sharing, of course, goes much further than books.  We all have great resources of many varieties which are available for sharing.  What will give you more pleasure--holding those treasures and resources close to your chest or seeing the delight on another's face when you share?  I am sitting here remembering--you can't take it with you---and that includes all our treasures.  Loosen your grip--share!

"16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have,

 for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

Hebrews 13:16


  1. We have a station like that at one of our local parks, Lulu; I had all but forgotten about it until I read your post here. Think I'll gather up some books I've already read and make an offering there.

  2. Such joy to share, Martha!

  3. I LOVE these little libraries springing up all over the place! Every once in awhile I'll pull the car to the side of the road and peek inside to see what's ripe for the picking.

    So fun!


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