If you have spent any time with me lately and we have had time to really talk, I have asked you to pray for me.  I am suffering from stress.  Stress manifests itself in various physical ways.  Personally an irritated mouth, jaw pain, tossing and turning while trying to sleep, clinched teeth, and irritability are the most predominate signs stress is affecting me physically.   It quietly slips up on me before I even realize it.  Slowly it dawns on me that all these physical symptoms are an outward manifestation of the invisible hold stress has taken on my life.  I have been so busy fighting the symptoms, I have not stepped back to consider the cause.  

You probably are wondering what in the world I would have to be stressed about.  Life is filled with stressors--no matter what season we are in.  We are preconditioned by life's circumstances to handle most of our day to day stressors, but add a couple of new bricks to the load and we begin to bend.  There is only so much one can take.

As I have thought this over, I have determined what my biggest stressor is ~ I am trying to take care of the problem myself and NOT really going to the Source.  For some reason, I think I personally need to handle all the stressors.  The world is filled with stress--and it is not diminishing.  My failure to look to the One who always has my best interest at heart for solutions to these stresses is my biggest mistake.  For some strange reason I think I should be handling all of this and not admitting to God I am weak and fallen and need His help.  It is a sin of pride.  

SO, Yes I am stressed

NO-God is not surprised

Yes-He wants me to come to Him

WHY--is it so difficult to always turn to God first?  Why do we think we have to take care of every situation?  Pride, My Friend, Pride.  That is the real source of all my stress---My own foolish pride!  Well now, I have recognized the problem--what am I going to do about it?  I am the only one who can admit my failing and ask for help.  God will be pleased and I am thankful He is the God of second, third and infinite chances.

"Pride goes before destruction,

and haughtiness before a fall."

Proverbs 16:18

An update on the stress in my life.  I wrote this post over two weeks ago.  God has stepped in and helped me learn how to deal with the stressors which are causing me the most angst.  Determining what I can and cannot do are the most important steps I have taken and drawing those boundary lines has helped with the burden.  That and seeking more balance in my life has been the beginning of relief.  This grand came to spend a few days with me this week--ALONE.  I seldom have the opportunity for one on one time and we have had a great time together--doing just what he wanted to do. If that won't de-stress you, nothing will!   SO---Happy Thanksgiving Eve friends---give thanks and dig in!

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