FINALLY, we have been able to restart our Sunday School class at church.  I will admit, I probably would have continued to watch services on line without the prodding of our meeting.  As I sat there and listened to the "introduction" of the book we are studying--the why, where, who, history of the time, I was reminded of how important it is to sit with those more wise and reap from their study and experience.  Surely this is one of the important reasons we are called to meet together.  After the introduction, another teacher taught the first 8 verses of the book.  THAT WOULD BE ONLY 8 VERSES.  This is called an exegesis study of the scriptures.  Taking verse by verse and examining the text.  Every time I have studied The Word this way, my understanding has deepened.

During the class, we were reminded of Paul's emphasis on  faith, hope and love.  We turned over and examined the love chapter ~ I Corinthians 13 to understand exactly what love is.  I had a friend with me who is no longer able to drive and when we left church she imparted another nugget of wisdom on me.  She reminded me the "Love Chapter" of the Bible is a description of what God's love looks like and what we should strive for.  None of us humans are really able to get this right---only God is the perfect model for how love should look.

SO, I am reminding me & you, Dear Friend to find someone who is wise and can teach you. Sit and listen, ponder, process and apply what you learn from your teacher.  AND THEN---MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL---find someone you can teach the truths you learned to.  THAT is the beautiful  New Testament model of evangelism.

40 The student is not above the teacher,

 but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.

Luke 6:40

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