We all know that old saying ~

A dear friend gave me such a great birthday gift last year, that I turned around eleven months later and bought them the same gift.  She hit a home run---I love the gift and use it daily.  The perfect size, useful, and cute ~ I think of her each and every time I use it.  

OF COURSE, this started the wheels turning.  How many times have I seen a child mimic some behavior of a parent.  They are watching--all you full time parents out there.  Sometimes they repeat things we have said--to our great embarrassment.  The staff at The Well are all a bunch of whipper snappers (it is a relevant term--compared to me--they are babes).  One of those girls is a "Fashionista".  HOW do dress fads get started?  Someone, like this one, wears it and it is admired by all.  The next thing you know everyone in the group is tucking one side of their shirt into their pants  -MIND YOU--only one side.  Those girls still have flat tummies!  JUST WAIT--there will come a day when they will understand why the fad was not welcomed by the past mid life crowd.  (I DO NOT want to look slightly pregnant).  One day she walked in with that shirt tucked in and before you could turn around good, the entire crew had their shirts tucked in (ONE SIDE ONLY).

This is certainly a very innocent form of imitation.  Fads come and fads go.  It is indicative of the fact that we are influenced by those we admire or look to as leaders.  Be CAREFUL who you follow--who you march behind--who you look to as your model.  Some of us will NEVER look good with one side of our shirt tucked in and imitating some twiggy friend is not a flattering for all.

In real life, in those things which are truly important, we also need to be extremely careful who we imitate.  God gave us a brain to think for ourselves and He gave us the Only One who we should strive to imitate.  As Believers, we set our eyes upon Jesus, HE is worthy of imitation.  He will not lead you down the primrose path. If you have to be an imitator---be an imitation of Christ.  What an honorable goal.

"For to this you have been called,

because Christ suffered for you,

leaving you an example,

so that you might follow in His steps."

I Peter 2:21


  1. Fads come and go, but following Jesus is a forever choice and the only one that truly counts.
    Blessings, Lulu!

  2. Amen, My Friend! The fads I have seen over the years are legion. He is not a fad- He is worthy of our imitation.


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