In my annual effort to keep Medicare Advantage off my back, (they will relentlessly call you), I am working on having all my parts checked.  Call it my 1,000 mile check up (or some number resembling the miles I have been this year--I gave my OCD a rest and quit keeping track of the miles some time ago.  The poor doctor is having to put up with a crotchety old woman.  When he got to the memory test, I told him I was not doing that.  He looked at me in surprise.  I said--"That stresses me out and at this stage of the game--we all have memory problems."  Bless His Heart---wonder what explanation he gave Medicare?  I did manage to make him turn red as a beet and laugh.  I DIGRESS!

The big test is the blood test and this is NO finger prick--this is the give us a pint test.  SO after digging around for a vein to do the blood work in three different places, they finally had enough blood to run all those tests.  I LOVE the fact that you can now go into your patient portal and look at the numbers yourself.  WELL--the familial predisposition to high cholesterol reared its ugly head.  My overall number went up 50 points from last year.  NOW, in my defense, I had a delicious piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting the night before at small group.  WORTH IT!  It might be time to also confess, I have been eating cheese (gasp) and crackers for lunch the last couple of months AND making my morning latte with cream added to the frothed almond milk.  BAD--BAD!!  Thankfully, my good cholesterol is really high and the doctor is NOT making me take those meds (DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT) to get the numbers down.  That high number of good cholesterol is probably the by--product of exercise, BUT I did not exercise enough to negate my poor eating habits.  SO new game in town, I am adding a supplement to help lower that number, increasing my exercise and giving up my daily cheese and cracker splurge (back to turkey--GOBBLE GOBBLE).  I am confessing my downfall,  leaving those bad habits behind, and turning over a new leaf.  I have been given another chance to avoid those meds I DO NOT want to take.  Thankful for second chances (or third, or fourth or fifth...)

As I thought this over, it occurred to me this little story is a great deal similar to the sin in our life.  We have to fess up and change our ways to have a better life.  Our good works will not negate the consequences of our sin.  We can NOT work our way out of the end results of sin.  There is only one way to leave it behind---confess and change  PERIOD.  End of Post- NO more needs to be said.

"Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,

but the one who confesses 

AND renounces them finds mercy."

Proverbs 28:13


  1. Glad to know your good cholesterol outweighs the bad, Lulu. That's the same with me, though Danny has to take meds for his. It's a great analogy, too, regarding our need to confess our sins and change with God's help.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. It's all the fault of those gene pool I come from, Martha. (Blame Shifting at its best!)


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