There is nothing I love more in the winter, than the feeling of being cozy.  I have not had a "real" fireplace for over a decade now.  My entire life until then, there is a memory of cool and sometimes down right cold winter evenings with a hot fire blazing feet away.  I would often put my feet up on the raised hearth and bask the evening away.  Every room in my home now has a basket of what I call "lap blankets".  These small wonders are just enough to drape over your legs on a chilly evening while reading a good book. Not a good fire, by any means, but still cozy.   

What does feeling cozy entail?  For me it is warmth, comfort, safety, peace, or basically a sense of security.  I miss that fireplace, and that peace can now sometimes evade me.  There is so much in the world which is troubling.  There is a bottomless abyss of trouble, strife, problems, illness, loss, struggle, and on and on.  My list of prayer needs is long and continues to get longer.  More and more I see the needs of those in my midst--of those who are daily fighting to meet the basic needs of man.  I feel as if I am fighting an uphill battle to help those we are charged to aid with a great weight holding me at the bottom of the hill.  There is never an end. 


As I have stepped back and looked at what God is showing me, it has finally dawned upon me I cannot "Fix it" all.  I can do what God has placed before me today.  This is one time when I am better served with only focusing on the need before me and not the big picture.  Jesus told us--the poor will be with you always.  Jesus also charged us with taking care of those in our midst.  When I begin to be overwhelmed, I have begun trying to "Fix it" myself instead of relying upon the Great Provider.  Yes, He is pointing all this out to me, but one of the reasons He came to the world was to charge us with being His hands and feet.  I read this scripture in my daily devotional,

"Don't think I've come to make life cozy."

Matthew 10:34

The Message

What a great reminder of though I crave coziness, Jesus wants me to be committed to being in His presence.  Even when that can make me extremely uncomfortable, He wants me to see what He sees.  He wants to use me.  He wants me to know this world is not our cozy place.  There is a battle going on here on this earth, and none of us should be cozy knowing there is a struggle surrounding us.  Seek Him--and then truly know peace.


  1. The first thing we need to realize is that we can't fix things - only God can. We can pray, help, act on His guidance, but that's about it.
    And cozy? Something I love, too, Lulu. But Jesus does caution us about not giving in to too much of self-comfort. He is comfort enough.

  2. Wise words, Martha! Hope you are improving daily!


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