This is a biography of Churchill and the years from the beginning of the Nazi aggression until the United States entered the war.  I do not normally read biographies, but perhaps this is a good indication of I might enjoy them.  The book is well researched and written.  My one objection was there is WAY TOO MANY personal details of the Churchill circle's life for my taste.  I am not really interested in who was married to whom, who had an affair with whom, who was a dead beat gambler, who was the victim of unrequited love, and on and.  I read this for book club this month, but my advice to anyone who enjoys WWII history and biographies is perhaps you should skip those chapters with those details.  At this point in the game, I believe we all know that Churchill enjoyed dictating while strutting around in his birthday suit.  Do we care?  You can find this book HERE

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read, Lulu, and I do enjoy learning more about WWII, but there seems to be a tad too much TMI for my taste. Thanks for the recommmendation!

    1. It's a LONG book, Martha. The movie on Netflix, "The Longest Hour" is a well done synopsis of this book.


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