I have spent a great deal of my life being known for not me, but who I am associated with.  You come into this world someone's daughter, you are known for your siblings, you may eventually become a wife, you belong to a group, you have children ...on and on I seem to have always been known by those around me or the activities in which I participated.  It still proves true today.  I am known as the lady who walks the cute dog ~  "Can I pet him?"

Hero draws attention everywhere we go.  My neighbors all like to chuckle over me carrying him at the end of his walk. (When he stops there is no choice).  Few know my name, but almost everyone knows the prima donna's name.  "There's Hero!  Let's go pet him!," follows us around the hood. 

In an effort to help Hero lose a little weight and live a long life, I have been taking him on a longer daily walk along the Greenway here in Ruston. ( I am a firm believer in not cutting back on what you are eating, but exercising more to burn the additional calories.)   We are meeting an entirely new crowd of friends on these walks.  I do a lot of scooping him up (he can be very grouchy around other dogs), a lot of explaining why he is ill mannered (he is old), but we are always willing to stop for a pet.  Yesterday, two little fellows saw us coming and yelled, "Can I pet your dog?"  Of course, so we stopped and waited.  For some reason, I suppose his size, many of the little petters also want to scoop him up.  He does not like to be picked up by little ones--that could have something to do with past experiences.  I always carefully explain, "He's an old man and does not like to be picked up."  These two little men quickly told me "That don't make no sense!"  I walked away laughing out loud, for you see, they took my comment literally, and it does not make sense if you take it literally.  Though he thinks he is human, Hero is a dog.

I see how this could lead to two different blogs--we are known for who we associate with and things just do not make any sense.  What struck me by their comment was how many things in life do not seem to make sense.  There is no explanation for why, no reasoning how, and certainly no apparent reason for what we heard said or saw happen.  Sometimes it takes digging to get to the understanding of it.  Sometimes it takes time to see the whys.  Sometimes there is no sense in it all, from our limited perception.  Those two little cuties lost the analogy behind what I was saying.  The reasoning for calling my dog an old man was lost on their 2 and 3 year old selves.  Why would I say anything beyond the actual facts?  It just made no sense.

Life can seem to make no sense.  Read Job---Bless Him--if there was ever someone who had the right to question and right to state, "This don't make no sense!"  There are times for all of us, that life does not seem to make sense.  Where do we turn when we have no answers, how do we get past the question of the why's?  We don't --there is only one answer--faith--belief that God has a plan and His plan is for His Good purpose.  We are blessed to be part of the plan and there are times we have to accept on faith--He knows what He is doing.  PERIOD---end of blog.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6


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    1. I wish you could have heard their sweet little voices. I have laughed over and over remembering. A little gift of laughter from God that day!
      Blessings My Friend!


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