Today's daily Bible reading included the lesson taught by The Master Teacher on the Mountain--"The Beatitudes".  How many teachings have we heard on this very scripture?  Some things bear repeating--again and again.  So goes today's topic.  I just re-proofed a blog for tomorrow (remember I write about a week before publishing).  The topic is the same one for today.  When I thought this over and wondered if I am repeating myself, I remembered what led to the topic coming up again.  Last night a sweet dear friend who has recently experienced a huge loss commented, "I am really struggling."  Of course I prayed words of God's comfort over her, but I could not help but wonder if I had helped at all.  This morning, bright and early, I read the devotional included with my daily Bible reading.  The devotional takes each passage of scripture and expounds upon the meaning, circumstances, or application.  Today's explanation of the passage in The Beatitudes concerning those who mourn included this ~

"God's comfort goes way beyond any kind of ordinary comfort.  As Joyce Meyer writes, 'It's almost worth having a problem in order to be able to experience (God's Comfort).' "

BINGO---Why are we allowed to suffer?  What good can possibly come from our sufferings and losses?  Perhaps we are allowed to truly "see" God when we allow Him to comfort us in our darkest hours.  Who is God--one of the many attributes the scripture gives Him is "Comforter".  Joyce hit the nail on the head---there is no comfort like that which God covers us with.  Many times I have told you, in my greatest moments of suffering, I have felt the closest presence of God.  He is faithfully there, but we become entwined in the world and fail to look for Him.  These intense periods of our greatest pain are a reminder of how much we need God.  He is present---He is always present, but we turn and experience this presence at the moment of our recognition we cannot do this alone.  We are driven to search for Him when we are completely at a loss as to how we can go on.  We can go on---but only with God's help.  He is there--He is our Comforter--There is peace in the recognition of His presence.  Take Comfort, Dear Friends, from the Well of Overflowing Comfort--Take Comfort.

"Blessed are those who mourn,

for they will be comforted."

Matthew 5:4

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