The actual saying made famous by this rock and roll oldie but goodie

is "Too pooped to pop and too old to stroll."  Amazing that I cannot remember your name after meeting you two minutes ago, but this song from the 50's is permanently etched upon my brain.  

We senior citizens might be prone to  thinking when retirement rolls around it is our time to sit and rock and stare at the horizon.  Some of us take up gardening, woodworking, golfing or one of the long list of hobbies for our own personal enjoyment.  Reading is a big favorite among the blue haired crowd and we spend a great deal of time not only reading, but talking about what we are reading.  Bottom line, "It's my time to be happy," and that implies 

I have done my part and now I intend to only do what I want to do.  My work is over ~ ~ ~or is it?  Is our work ever really over?  I know, for myself, I have the work of maintaining a house which is not only in good working order, but also would be considered sort of clean.  I still have to put food on the table--though minimum effort goes into the fare I prepare.  It takes work to maintain relationships with family and friends.  We do not stay close if I do not at least exert a little effort in staying close.

You get my drift--until they put us out to pasture or we keel over in exhaustion, there will always be things to do.  That is NOT all bad!

Today's daily Bible reading was a reminder that God can use those who are too old to stroll and probably were too pooped to pop.  Noah was 600 years old when He came on the scene in God's History Book.  At 600 Noah was expected to build a huge ark, collect two of all the animals on the earth, gather provisions, and get his family (including the in laws) all on the boat.  Put the top on the lid and wait for the rain.  I can just imagine one yelling about crazy Poppa and his nutty ideas and another screaming about their claustrophobia and another about their allergy to animal dander and another who vowed they were not going to clean up after that menagerie.  Remember--feet of clay still ruled the day.  BUT, Noah prevailed in obedience and became the new patriarch of mankind.  "Go forth and multiply".  Your work is not done--I still have another task for you.

Are we ever too old to do our Father's work?  Is there not something He would have us to do until He calls us Home?  Do we forget the joy and blessing of God using us--even in our old age?  Never too old to stroll when it is down God's chosen pathway for each of us!

"Now Noah was six hundred years old

when the flood of water

came upon the earth."

Genesis 7:6

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