While preparing to lead the discussion for reading group on this book,


I began to soul search over who I am.    Most of us come to believe the identity others give us as truth.  How others speak to us, react to us, look upon us, speak of us, and on and on becomes the identity we assume.  The hermit in this book did not look in a mirror at his own reflection for 27 years. He was not in human contact--spoke not a word to another human for almost three decades.  Interesting.  If we had no idea what we looked like, if there was no one around to reflect our image by their words and actions, would we have a different perception of who we really are?  The influence we allow the world and those in our wake plays a huge role in the image we assume of ourselves.  

As a student of mankind, one of the things I have noticed is the demeanor of those who were positively affirmed at every turn, especially during those formative years, when it comes to self image.  I laughingly say, "They are full of themselves".  Personally I could do with a little of that self assurance.  We allow the world to have great power in our lives.  We believe the word of others over the Word of God and that is mind altering.  

Who are you going to decide to believe---God Almighty---our creator or someone with faulty judgement and feet of clay-just like us?  The Word is filled with evidence of God's thoughts on us.  He loves us beyond reason, we are His beloved, we are created in His image, He provided a way out when we did not deserve one, He gives us chance after chance, He faithfully pursues us.  And yet, we somehow believe what we perceive the world is saying about us. 

As I read this book, I decided our quiet time is the most important part of our day.  Those times when it is God and us ONLY.  How else will we truly know who we are?  If we spend all of our time in the world and forego time alone with God we are allowing the influence of the world to rule supreme in us.  Even Jesus sought that time to be alone with His Father.  Surely His example is worthy of us trying?  God wants to speak into our lives---give Him a chance--stop and listen.


  1. Since we are created in God's image, we should be looking to Him for all our affirmations. Not sure if I could actually read this particular book, Lulu. Let me know what you think when all is said and done with it.

    1. It was very interesting, Martha. It made me think---Who am I? How would I react to no outside influence? What is justice? Have I overtly or inadvertently taken from others in an effort to keep myself going? LOTS of good introspection came from this book. It is short and a easy read.


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