I am inserting this post in the coming line up and not chewing on it for a couple of weeks as I usually do.  This story needs to be retold before the facts get lost in the cloud in my head.

Having told a few friends of my struggles to get myself going again after the long isolation has paid off with a new adventure.  To say I laughed as hard as I have laughed in over two years would be an understatement.

One of these friends took it upon herself to give me a nudge and get my rear end off the couch.  She texted and asked did I want to go see the new miniature baby goat at her niece's farm.  DUH!  She threw the bait KNOWING how I love those baby mini goats and would never be able to resist.  

So off to the country we went and I got to hold this baby who does not weigh 5 pounds.  OH MY 💓  SO we loved on  ALL those little goats and the miniature donkeys---it was wonderful!  THEN my great friend announced we were going to see one of our local celebrity's (Skinny Skip)  miniature Highland cattle.

OH YEAH,  I am a sucker!  Who could resist this?  WELL when we drove out to his farm, we parked at the other end of the pasture (A LONG WAY) from where these beauties were located.  SO of course, we climbed a fence and took off across the pasture.  (Actually I told the friend for her to climb the fence and let me know if she found them--she wasn't having it)  It was quite the sight me getting my long legs over that fence as we both laughed.  As we neared the cute miniatures, I noticed the bull we had seen the last time we went to his farm.  He was not a happy camper that day and looked like he wanted nothing more than to gore us into Kingdom Come.  His name may be Satan.  My friend is a brave soul---I am a coward through and through--we kept going. Unfortunately I was conditioned as a child to never show my fear--so of course I trailed along.   He spotted us AND

I MIGHT have begun to get a little nervous (WELL A LOT NERVOUS-AS IN I MIGHT HAVE A HEART ATTACK) when he started pawing the ground as in attack mode.  OH YEAH--I've seen bullfights--we all know what that motion is about.  SO, my trusty friend tells me  to start walking back staying right along the fence row.  I had not gone ten feet when she said, "He's coming"  with a little angst in her voice.  We start over the fence---PLEASE NOTE the barbed wire at the top of the fence.  Once again I am trying to swing these long legs over those barbed wire rows.  Well,  somehow I managed to get all the way over the fence when my trusty black yoga pants got stuck on the barbed wire.  I am literally hanging by my yoga pants!   Thankfully Friend comes to my rescue.  As I dropped to the ground, I started laughing (perhaps a little hysterically) and she is calmly looking at me and grinning.  She then walks over and pets the bull who is rubbing his horns on the tree by the fence.  Perhaps he was sharpening those horns in case we were stupid enough to climb back over.  I could just see him charging me and giving me a flying start to getting over that fence.  

We chose to walk the long way round on the road to get back to the truck.  When I told her this was my adventure for the year she said, "It's only March--lots more months to come for adventure."  That makes me slightly nervous-her reputation for adventures is widely known.   Last night I received a text, "I have our next adventure--I know where there are some fainting goats."  OH YEAH--I'M A SUCKER!  I did ask--do they have bulls??

"A firstborn bull ~ he has majesty,

and his horns are the horns of a wild ox;

with them he shall gore the peoples"

Deuteronomy 33:17

"Our mouths were filled with laughter"

Psalm 126:2



  1. Now, running from a bull is NOT the type of adventure I'd ever want to have, Lulu, that's for sure, but the goats? Yes, I'd take those any day! Sounds like your friend is determined to include you on lots of outings in the future. Just avoid the barbed wire!

    1. Those goats 😍. The bull😳
      Blessings, Martha!


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