Yesterday's post brought so many comments on FB, it caused me to revisit why I have such a healthy respect for the unleashed power of an angry bull/steer.  The owner of the bull whose video I posted commented that like all animals they know when someone is fearful.  AND that they put a halter on him and allow children to pet him.  That may be but when several hundred pounds of bawling warning with two sharp horns behind it heads my way--I am guilty.  I am fearful.  The bulls name is turns out is Silver--I am ashamed of my name calling.  I am not ashamed of not waiting around to see if he was friend or foe.  I have slowed down considerably and cannot scale fences as fast as I once did.  BEST to be safe than sorry.

SO where did my healthy respect (fear) come from?  My childhood -of course!  Remember we raised cows and sheep in my early childhood for 4H projects.  The steers were either herfords or black angus.  The herfords were sweet and gentle--the black angus were looking for an opportunity to GET YOU!  This was in the years of elementary school---I weighed about 60 pounds dripping wet.  These creatures ended up being 1000 pounds by the time we showed them and then sold them at market.  I was NO competition.  If you allowed the black angus to get you in a corner---his head-even without horns--was a lethal weapon.  If you dared walk behind them---their hooves could strike a bone crunching blow.  Why I have even had one kick me when I was beside him--thankfully they do not deal the damage with a side kick they do with a rear kick.  I learned a healthy respect for bovines at a very early age.  I don't discuss intent when one is headed my way---I get out of Dodge!

THIS brought to mind that potential danger of sin.  Why when you look at it from a distance, it might be beautiful---enticing--alluring.  You want to get close-and as you begin to get closer - you slowly get pulled into its seduction.  Then when it has you in a corner or you are standing in its reach--you become its target.  Next thing you know---GOT YOU!  So with sin, as with bulls that you do not know,  keep your distance--keep the Word of God between you and it---and call upon the Name of your Protector.  DO NOT get within its reach---tread carefully--have a healthy respect for the power behind the deliverer.  AND KNOW---Who is in your corner-providing protection, safety, and deliverance.  Know the love of God is your barrier to keep you safe--use it!

"But the Lord is faithful;

He will strengthen you

and guard you from the evil one."

I Thessalonians 3:3


  1. Fantastic analogy, Lulu! Let us see that sin coming and avoid it at all cost.


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