Just about the time I had given up any hope of our country ever being united again, we are once again pulling together for our common enemy to be brought to justice---

This makes me gag.
Some therapist is having a Hay Day
with diagnosing
this narcissist.

Not only has he united our country--he has once again united the world unlike anything seen since WW II.  We ALL are NOT HAPPY with this Bully!  When you stomp on the underdog and kill the innocent---you are NOT a good guy!  He needs to be stopped.  I recently saw a post requesting a Brutus in his inner circle.  Why even his own people, under huge danger for disagreeing, have taken to the streets in protest.  NO ONE LIKES A BULLY!  What deranged thinking makes him believe invading his next door neighbor while the world watches is okay?  In today's world, every action is open to scrutiny.  There is little chance of hiding your aggression with the world all on camera.  The question becomes how do we stop this without it all blowing up in our face-literally.  

History tells us the fate of all bullies---Nero, Hirohto, Hitler, Mussolini, and Pharaoh come to mind.  It never ends well for bullies and they are left with a legacy of failure in the history books.  What does it take to learn---A BULLY never wins in the long run?

Meanwhile--pray for the innocent, ask God's mercy on those in the path of destruction, ask God to pave a path back to peace and take those out who are the bitter root of this evil.  HELP US, LORD!  Give us wisdom and courage to know the path to peace.  Pray for our peace keeping forces and for the voices of reason to prevail.  Pray for peace.

In the meantime, for a short while, I will relish in the once again united nation and world.  We have found our common enemy.

"Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways.
 The Lord be with you all."
II Thessalonians 3:16


  1. Bullies never win, but they can certainly wreak havoc. Yes, it would seem that our country, and the world, is more united than ever; good thing for now, but will it last?
    Praying for Ukraine and all those adversely affected by this senseless conflict.

    1. YES! My heart aches for those in the path of the maniac. What is God showing us?

  2. The enemy of our souls can only rejoice. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


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