Have you seen Jesus?  

I should leave it right there, but you know I can NOT  expound.  I just began reading this month's book for Neighborhood Book Club.  (I might have procrastinated when I became immersed in a couple of other books )  Since I am going to report on it later, I will refrain from telling you anymore---EXCEPT---Jesus appears in the book.  As in today--modern times---not in a dream---in a material -physical form.  When asked "Why?", Jesus replies, "You called me."  I immediately thought of how many times I had called upon Jesus--usually to get me out of the mess I have gotten myself into.  As I get older, I call out, "Come, Lord Jesus?"  frequently.  Do I really expect Jesus to appear in flesh and blood?  What would my response be if He did?  Would I KNOW Him becomes the question.

OH BOY!  SO when we call for the help of God or Jesus, should we expect to see them?  I am writing this LONG before finishing the book, but the first few short chapters have already grabbed my attention with this proclamation. I am taken back to the OT---

"I (God) said, 'Here am I,

here am I."

Isaiah 65:1 

We see---we know the presence of God--all around us--in His creation --in His Word-- why even in His nudges.  We KNOW He is with us--the question becomes are we with Him?  How many of us are telling Him, "Here I am, Lord."  We see examples in His Word, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, Isaiah, Ananias of those who proclaimed this.  Are we willing to proclaim, "Here I am, Lord" and obediently allow Him to use us?  OR are we only willing to have a one sided relationship with Him.  Are we only willing to call upon Him when we have our tail in a crack and we need help?  He answers us--in many ways when we call upon His Name.  Are we listening and do we also proclaim we are here for Him to use?  Think that over the next time you call out, "Help me, God."  I sure will.

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying,

'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?'

Then I said, 

'Here am I.

Send me!' "

Isaiah 6:8


  1. How would we react if Jesus arrived in person, and more importantly, would we recognize Him? Great food for thought today, Lulu. Yes, we need to be ready to accept where God wants to send us and how He wants to use us.

    1. The question of "Would you know Him is BIG!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. yes, here am I, send me, is coming a bit easier to me in this season, friend ... He has been so faithful.

    1. Absolutely! I am frustrated by my lack of physical stamina to "Go" where the needs are so great!


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