I am deeply saddened and concerned for the future with all that is happening in the world today.  My concern is not for me as much as my children and grandchildren. I fully realize my final chapters are playing out more and more swiftly with each passing day.  My grands have a lifetime stretching out before them.  Our world does not seem to be headed in the right direction.  I turn on the news with apprehension as to what new horror will be reported.  I KNOW--my head KNOWS there is evil in the world.  I KNOW who wins the final battle.  BUT the direction the world is taking does not instill confidence in man loving his fellow man.  It is sobering to say the least.

This book--found HERE --I have spoken about in a previous blog is speaking to that apprehension for our future.  IF these young people who have endured the worst possible circumstances, can turn their lives around---THERE IS HOPE!  This priest-author, who has chosen to live in the nationwide center of gangland, has made a difference.  He has chosen to look for---seek the goodness he believes we all have deep inside.  He has patiently stood and waited for change in the hearts of those immersed in evil.  He has prayed, he has exhorted, he has pursued, he has provided ways out and he has allowed God to work when there seems to be no hope.  God has shown him over and over--I am here---I see---I understand---there is a better person hidden deep within--under the scars of horror.  There will come a day when they will turn from their evil ways, ask for forgiveness and I will extend my lavish grace upon them.  There is something sacred in all of us.  We ARE created in His image.   It is our choice to either bury it under the evil of the world or allow it to bubble to the surface.  

I am praying that God unleashes His Holy Spirit and the irresistible pull will awaken the good buried in each and everyone who intends evil to their neighbor.  I am asking God to provide the balm to soothe the pain of those who lash out for reasons beyond our comprehension.  I am praying God will remind Satan Who is the Victor and put him behind a strong wall for our protection.  His Will will be done - in Heaven AND ON EARTH.  I am deeply concerned--but confident in God's plan.  His plan will come to fruition, but what we may endure beforehand is concerning.   He has promised us a hope and a future.  I am praying that promise and trusting and believing in God Almighty.

4 For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory."
Deuteronomy 20:4

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  1. Yes, I do believe, Lulu, that there is the sacred in all of us; it just needs to be awakened to the goodness and mercy of God.

    1. Exactly what the book was relaying!


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