One of my young friends recently wrote a distressing and concerning post about someone disappearing on them after multiple communications via--WWW and cell communication.   Finally they were going to meet in person and the other party was a no show.   OF COURSE, she was distressed and questioning Why?  Rejection without being given a chance is dismaying.  There were LOTS of comments on her post.  The phrase "Ghosting" came up in the discussion.

I have heard the younger crowd refer to ghosting in the past, but was never very curious.  Certainly not curious enough to spend time pursuing what it means.  THEN my young sweet friend was caught in the trap and I became very curious.   It would seem this phenomena is a part of the new information age.  Communication without visual eye contact.  We called it a pen pal in my youth.  Who knows what causes a person to string someone along and then when the moment of meeting comes--they disappear.  What sick individual gets their kicks from emotional abuse via the airwaves?  

With the WWW, we are more and more likely to become the innocent victim of someone phishing or trolling or whatever you call looking for a victim.  A week does not go by that I do not receive one or more "Friend Requests" from some good looking, widowed/divorced man wanting to be the answer to my prayers.  My answer is ALWAYS

WHO has time for that nonsense?

Most of us have had people disappear on us at some point in our lives.  At times it is a relationship that was for a season and the season has ended.  At times a great chasm has developed over different views or philosophies.  That age old social rule of not bringing up religion or politics has been forgotten in today's society.  ESPECIALLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA--NO subject is taboo.  Those kind of endings--usually happen slowly over time.  A common interest is lost, like aged children grow up, a move, any number of things can cause the drifting apart.  THAT is NOT ghosting!

Ghosting is when someone abruptly stops responding to your calls, texts, or any other communication.  They may block your number.  Usually you do not know their address or many facts about them--so you cannot track them down.  It is if they have dropped off the face of the earth and you have no idea why.  It is an emotional game played for the purpose of presumed power over another.  The question becomes---are you going to allow them that power?  Are you going to spend one minute grieving a ghost you never truly knew?  PLEASE do not give anyone space in your  head who would do this.   As with all of life's lessons, we should

God will NEVER play games with you, God will never "Block" you, God is faithful, God is pursuing you, God loves you beyond reason.  

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast,

because they trust in You.

Trust in the Lord forever,

for the Lord, the Lord Himself,

is the rock eternal."

Isaiah 26:3-4


  1. I had heard of ghosting, but really didn't know what the term meant until you explained it here, Lulu. Yes, it's not worth getting upset when someone you truly don't know on the internet drops you without explanation. When I left Facebook, I joined MeWe - I wish now I hadn't because it's more of a fishing site for single/divorced/widowed men who really don't care if your profile announces that you're happily married. What a waste of time!

    1. I will never understand how bored someone must be to be phishing for their next victim.


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