It shows your age if you went to undergarments when reading this title.  Today's generations have NO idea what foundations meant in my youth, but my peers do!


NOW back to the blog~

 Aging is NOT for the faint of heart.  For months I have experienced pain in my foot which has slowly become more painful with each day.  Thankfully it does not hurt all the time---only when I walk. 😖 It has become so intense, I can no longer ignore it and I am the Queen of Ignoring It.  

There you go--ignoring has led to peace.  WAIT--it just occurred to me the root word of ignoring is ignorance.  I do often say, 

Usually followed by, "What I don't know does not hurt me."  WELL the truth is I do not want to be ignorant, but also do not want to go to a doctor.  I think I can solve this issue on my own---me and 

My diagnosis is a bone spur, my daughter thinks I have plantar fasciitis.  Without an X-ray, it is difficult to give a definitive diagnosis.  I do not yet have an at home X-ray machine. If it is a bone spur, at this point, I am not going to have surgery with all that entails.    SO---I am taking steps to try and correct the problem by trying several methods.  I am exercising, icing, stretching, using topical anti-inflammatory cream, (not able to take anti-inflammatories orally) and to prove how truly dedicated I am to trying to heal-I have a pair of orthopedic shoes.  NOW to wear these ugly boats---shows I mean business.  I must admit the super cushioned step helps for the first few miles of my walks.  The foundation of our body is an integral base for our quality of life physically.  I am NOT patient when it comes to being slowed down and can only ignore so much pain.  I am on a quest to right my foundation!

While thinking this over, I was reminded of our need for a good spiritual foundation.  A basis for how we live our life.  Without the correct foundation, we may end up in a great deal of pain.  When pain seeps into our lives through the day to day of living, we will need a good foundation to survive the trauma.  There is nothing more important than our spiritual foundation and we are in charge of taking the steps to ensure we are well equipped with the tools for coping when trouble raises its head.  Without that strong foundation, we will be limping along, in pain, and suffering.  The good foundation will serve to cushion the blows and ease the pain.  

Thankful for good foundations---they make the trek through this life an easier walk.

"Therefore thus says the Lord God,

'Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone,

a tested stone,

A costly cornerstone for the foundation,

firmly placed.

He who believes in it will not be disturbed.' "

Isaiah 28:16 



  1. So sorry to hear about the pain in your foot, Lulu! I know how much you love to walk and stay in shape, and I do hope what you are trying will serve to shore up your physical foundation so you can stay active. And yes, we will encounter pain in life if we don't strengthen our spiritual foundation, too.

    1. All those years of running has finally caught up with me, Martha. I earned this pain! LOL!

  2. Good one, LuLu…david and I both have had some health issues recently…and they are definitely cramping our styles. What’s the deal.!!! I hope your feet recover soon.
    And, yes, our spiritual foundation is what gets us through.


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