Don't freak out on me--this does not concern math!

 One of my favorite characters in the comic strip "Peanuts" was this one

Pigpen was the real deal--he was a boy after my heart.  The cloud of dust and dirt went with him everywhere.  He walked in the room and it quickly became a disaster zone.  You might ask why I am so enamored with Pigpen.  I was my own version of Pigpen as a child.  OH MY MOTHER REALLY TRIED to make me stay clean, to keep a neat and tidy room, and be the "perfect" child of good manners she wanted.  Instead, I was a big tomboy with dirt under my nails, torn clothes, scraped knees, messy hair---a cloud of dust swirling around me.  BUT I had a GREAT time--especially when out of her eyesight.

Have you ever known what The Word refers to as a "bitter root"?  Negative, critical, hyper vigilant of what OTHERS are doing, gossiping, always stirring up trouble?  If you are not careful the "bitter root" or Bad Apple can ruin the entire barrel of good apples.  One person in the pot stirring up trouble can soon have the entire pot boiling over.  What a MESS that leaves behind!

Those bitter roots are NEVER happy unless they are in the midst of drama.  I do my best to avoid them if at all possible.

Recently I was thinking over complications with some relationships.  As I pondered what was happening, it occurred to me the common denominator in all these problems was me.  For various reasons, pandemic, distrust, lack of boundaries to name a few, I was having difficulties in a few relationships  which all circled back to me.  We are who we are and we are a complex combination of genes, environment, experience, personalities, to name a few.  Our reactions to others actions usually have little to do with their action and a lot to do with who we are.  

I had this epiphany in the last few months.  My sinful self wants to blame others, when the truth of the matter is the problem may well be with me.  How I allow myself to react or withdraw or respond is entirely up to me.  I can walk away, I can work to correct my attitude, I can set better boundaries, I can learn to love others for who they are.  I have NO control over the other side of the equation, but what I do have control over is my response. Perhaps you never have any conflict with others and all is at peace in your life.  Good for you!  BUT if you do, would you at least consider if it might possibly have something to do with your response to the situation?   Food for thought, Friends, food for thought.

"See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God;

that no 'root of bitterness' 

springs up and causes trouble,

and by it many become defiled."

Hebrews 12:15


  1. Whenever there is conflict in our lives, we need to first search our own soul for the possible cause. Great reflection, Lulu!


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