Another great tool for introspection is questions.  My head is filled with questions a great deal of the time.  

Is anything going to hurt when I  put my foot on the floor this morning?

Where did I leave my phone?

Did I already take my vitamins?

Why did I walk into this room?

What's the weather going to be today?

Do I have to clean this house?

What's the easiest thing to prepare for dinner?

How old is this turkey?

Where am I supposed to be today?

Silly mundane day to day questions which do not amount to a hill of beans.  I tend to not pay much attention to the repetitive motions of the day and then have problems remembering "Did I?"  What a waste of energy and thinking.

NOW---there are profound and great questions which do help us to process who we are.

Why did I react to them in that manner?

Why was I struck with fear over something not really dangerous?

Why do I fret over getting enough sleep?

How can I get out of doing this?

What in the world was I thinking when I volunteered to do that?

What has gone wrong with my perfect plan?

Why doesn't life look like I thought it would?

A short list from an endless barrage of questions floating around in our heads.

Then there are the really big questions of life.

Why is there suffering in life?

Why are there wars?

Has my life made a difference in this world?

Am I doing what I was created to do?

Who will remember me?

The study our group is doing has helped me to realize that many of the answers will never be found here in this world.  Many of the answers are eternal mysteries which only God holds the answers for.  One thing is certain--much is to be gained by spending time contemplating those questions that are rolling around in our heads.  As we mull over those questions, we begin to understand what an integral part faith plays in life.  We also get a tiny glimpse of the magnificence of Almighty God.  His power, glory, and wisdom to only name are a few are beyond our human brain's comprehension.  Unless we ponder the mysteries of life, we cannot really appreciate what a great God we serve.

Ask those questions, think them over, and grow as you search for God.  As you find Him--the questions will be answered---in His Good Time.

"And without faith it is impossible to please Him,

for whoever would draw near to God

must believe He exists

and that He rewards those who seek Him."

Hebrews 11:6

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  1. Never stop asking questions! It's how we continue to grow in our faith and understanding, for sure. Blessings, Lulu!


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