I came into this world easily amused.  We discussed recently in Small Group the need to eliminate distractions when communing with God.  Because I enjoy the small but magnificent things of the world, they catch my eye rather easily.  I laughed that night because I was facing the window that had several birdfeeders in front of it.  I am certain I missed some of the discussion watching the birds come for their late evening meal.  How could you not stare at their charm and beauty?

I spent many a summer evening calling to this illusive night bird whose name closely resembles his call.   Sadly I have not heard a Bobwhite quail but a few times in my adult life.  I discovered while researching they are on a steep decline and endangered.  How much I enjoyed seeing how close I could lure the  bird.  Perhaps I should be ashamed since the whistle was all about finding a mate.  I could sit for long stretches of time answering his call.  As I said, I am easily amused.

If you have ever heard your echo, you understand how there might be some confusion.  Am I hearing my own voice echoing or am I being answered when calling the Bobwhite by the Real McCoy?  What I heard sounded exactly like what I had just said.

As we commune with God, are we eliminating the distractions?  Are we certain we are hearing His voice?  OR could we be hearing the echo of our own voice? Sit still and consider and perhaps listen for an answer.

"Call to me and I will answer you,

and will tell you great and hidden things

that you have not known."

Jeremiah 33:3


  1. I, too, get easily distracted, Lulu. Thanks for reminding us here that when we commune with God, we need to focus and listen.

    1. Always, Martha somethings are worthy of our attention!


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