My daughter's four offspring are growing up!  Not very often do they require baby-sitting by Lulu since the oldest will soon be 15 and the next in line will be 13 this week.  They are old enough to tend to the two littles---unless they are both busy.  They lead VERY busy lives!  Both are playing junior high football and those are late Tuesday nights.  I go and stay with the littles to get them to bed on time those nights.  

Last ballgame, The ONLY Granddaughter announced she was afraid when I tried to leave her for the night after bedtime reading.  She announced there might be ghost.  THANKS A LOT HALLOWEEN HYPE!  There was NO convincing her otherwise and it was LONG after bedtime before I finally got her settled down.  Fear is a powerful emotion.

BUT Lulu has come up with an idea.  I did a little reading on the WWW and it turns out there are several plants including easy to grow basil, rosemary, and lavender which all chase the ghosts away.  I plan to purchase at least one--maybe more and put it in her room.  I will then show her the evidence on the WWW which she loves.  HOPEFULLY---I will convince her she has no more worries,  with said plant warding off the ghost, about going to sleep and teach her how to care for a plant at the same time.  WIN - WIN

Do you have fears that keep you awake at night?  I must admit--though I might obsess at times---I do not lose sleep over fear.  Instead of a fear controlling me, I choose to have a healthy respect for some things.  Those things which I can plan for--I do.  Those things which I have no control over I let go.  Some of the drivers in Texas seem to be either angry or training for the Indianapolis 500.  I am a little fearful of driving on the roads here.  I plan carefully the times I will be on the roads (NEVER during rush hour) and drive with my eye out for the other drivers.  I DO NOT stay at home in a blanket of fear.

We are clearly instructed in The Word what God wants us to do with our fears and perhaps this is the best thing we could possibly do~

"Fear not, for I am with you;

be not dismayed,

for I am your Go;

I will strengthen you,

I will help you,

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isaiah 41:10


  1. Now that's a wonderful way to convince a child that he/she need not be afraid of ghosts, Lulu. I will remember that, for sure! Traffic? Well, let's just say you'll never catch me driving on an interstate - that's really scary.
    But with God beside us, we need not be afraid to live our lives as fully as we can each day we live and breathe.

    1. He is our safe harbor!


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