I promise to NOT fill the WWW with advertising for Amazon, BUT as I drank my delicious latte this morning, I wanted to share the how to which took me a long time to get down to a fine science.  Patting myself on the back for this find!

I am not a "hard core" coffee drinker--BUT I do love a sweet coffee drink-I call it play coffee.  What I DO NOT love is the price that goes with that if you go to your favorite coffee shop.  I have come up with my own recipe for Lulu's Latte.  It is delicious!  I am going to tell you how I make it--but I use products I bought on Amazon.  I am a registered Amazon Associate -though I have yet to see a dime ---LOL!  Hard Core Salesman is NOT my forte.  I don't know how else to tell you how I make it without explaining the products I use.  You do NOT have to buy them--I am no offended, but this is how I get my delicious morning treat for a fraction of the coffee store cost.

I use a Keurig and recently purchased a new one on sale for $50.  I advise if you do not have one for you to shop around and not pay over that amount (retail $100).  The one I use has a strength adjustment.  I use one pod and make the smallest cup available (6 ou for me).  Lattes are often made with expresso, but I would have to be peeled off the ceiling if I used a shot of expresso.  I learned that after asking for a double shot at one of those expensive coffee shops and spinning in circles the remainder of the day.   According to Amazon--who knows all---I have ordered this particular coffee 17 times.  NOW--that says a lot about how much I love this flavor.  You can find the pods HERE---64 CENTS a pod.  ANY coffee will do--whatever flavor or not you prefer.

NOW here is the secret to the latte.  I use this milk frother/steamer

found HERE.  This will be a one time investment of $34.  If you do the math--my cost per drink so far has been 11 CENTS.  That goes down with each latte I make.  I set it on the warm frothing.  It also will steam the milk or you can make it cold for cold lattes in the summer.  NOW if you like the froth--remember the more cream the more froth.  I use whole milk, but any milk or milk like product will do.  I add to the milk one teaspoon of granulated sugar (personal preference) AND---the secret ingredient

Any chocolate sauce will do--this is my personal preference.  This bottle will last a lot of lattes and is found HERE.  It adds a few cents per cup.  Add according to your personal taste--I use about a teaspoon.    Froth all of this together and pour over your coffee.  I give it a light stir--but you don't really have to.

IT IS DELICIOUS and cost me less than a dollar per cup.  OR you could go to the coffee shop and pay $5.

NOW Amazon insists I put this disclaimer-

As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small financial benefit when you make a purchase using the links on this site {at no extra cost to you!}

Truth in advertising---I have not seen one dime to date, but if I EVER do I plan to send the huge amount to a food bank or homeless mission along with a matching personal donation.



  1. I'm not a big fan of lattes, believe it or not, but I certainly enjoyed hearing how you make your's at home, Lulu. It is certainly more sensible to use what is on the market than to spend a boatload of $ at the coffee shops.

    1. You must be a coffee purist, Martha ❤️

  2. This sounds delicious. Certainly less expensive than visiting coffee shops.

    God bless, Lulu.


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