I LOVE my Fort Worth Doctor, BUT----I DO NOT always love what she has to say during my annual physical.  This year was no different, BUT she is a truth-teller in my life.  Last year--I had to go back in for a check at six months.  She was not happy with my weight.  This year---through my great efforts---the weight is great---the numbers are not so great.  I have been bordering on taking cholesterol meds for years.  NOW, it is in my genes since both bothers take the meds, but I am not a fan of meds.  SO I eat chicken--so much chicken I could lay eggs and definitely do a lot of clucking.  Exercise has also  been a key--but since the pandemic lock down, I have not been consistent in my exercise program.  I walk everyday--but the weights--well it is hit or miss.  I miss a LOT!    SO--stubborn soul that I am---I am once again trying to get with the program.-

The surprise number this year was my triglycerides.  They have NEVER been high, but this year--SURPISE--they are above acceptable margins.  She & I talked this over---since I am a creature of habit, it didn't take long to narrow down the culprit.  When you eat and drink the same thing day in- day out---it is pretty easy to track down the seemingly innocent culprit.  I LOVE lemonade and now that you can get it infused with all the berry flavors it is my favorite drink.  I was drinking several glasses of lemonade throughout the day.  IT IS SO YUMMY!  BUT she is pretty certain this is my downfall.  NOW in my defense, there are worse things than drinking lemonade---but that is no excuse.

SO---I am going back to drinking Arnold Palmer's.  If you are not familiar--this is iced tea(decaf in my case) with a splash of lemonade.  I will have withdrawal for about a week--but it's the price you pay when you fall off the sugar wagon.  LESSON LEARNED--too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.

WELL now where in the world could I be headed with this?  Moderation is a good thing--but I am not always good at moderation.  Somehow I begin to believe if a little is good--what harm could a lot be?  This is not always the case in life.  I can truthfully tell you I ran too many miles over my lifetime.  What began as a healthy activity became an obsession.  I ran my first marathon after completing a half marathon and thinking--this is no big deal--I can do a marathon.  Can I tell you the difference in a half marathon and a whole?  Double it---and quadruple the pain.  I also have mechanical issues and misalignments which lead to much pain and suffering.  I took WAY too many naproxen and now live with the damage done to my kidneys.  TOO MUCH is just that---over the line --leading to permanent damage.  Moderation is the key.  I could have enjoyed all the same benefits without the wear and tear on my body.  BUT I became obsessed--and our obsessions can be our downfall.

Even The Word addresses moderation--

"Let your moderation be known unto all men."
Ephesians 4:5

AND there is quote after quote to be found about it.  Bottom line---"Everything in moderation, including moderation," Oscar Wilde.


  1. The last thing any of us wants to hear at our age is a negative health assessment, that's for sure! I'm glad you were able to pinpoint the cause and decide on some positive changes to make. Everything in moderation . . . One step at a time.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. Sometimes I might be guilty of being a little noncompliant. Sure do love lemonade- LoL!


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