Texas weather is a proverbial whirlwind.  You don't like today's weather--stick around--your favorite kind is coming.  As I write this a cold front screeched through last night--literally.  The wind howled all night and is still making its presence heard.  Today the highs will be in the 40's--wind chills in the 30's----yesterday it was in the 80's and the day before it was in the mid 90's.  YES--you heard me right--it hit 95 Monday after a slow warming trend claimed dominance at the end of last week.  And with those rising temperatures the snow bunnies became bathing beauties.


As Hero and I walked by one of  the pools during his noon time constitutional stroll, we noticed the pool area was filled with all the young college coeds in their sunning attire.  They all prefer the brands Barely There and Covers Nothing for their swim suit wardrobe.  NOW-in fairness to them--if I still looked like they do perhaps I would dress similarly.  In the days when I did look like them, even though I was a little rebellious, I did not dare barely dress.  Momma kept a tight rein on some parts of my life--with the aim of always being a lady.  AND a lady certainly did not overexpose herself in public!   

Today's my swimsuit wardrobe is filled with the brands Behind a Berka and Covers It All.  Time and living life has taken a toll on my body and it is best kept covered.  Lesson learned about over exposure to the sun after skin cancer surgery is one small example.  I have a criss- cross of scars & wrinkles from surgeries, accidents, and the pull of gravity.  Perhaps I would be doing those lovely coeds a favor if I walked out there in a bikini sans cover up and showed them what they have to look forward to.  Instead--IF I dared to go to the pool, it would be with a cover up that I took off after I found a chair in some obscure dark corner (then what is the point of going to the pool).  Some things are best not seen---with me in a swimsuit on the list.

I have noticed they all walk to the pool in some form of coverup.  There are over 700 apartments in this complex so it it a huge area requiring walking through and around several buildings.  They are careful to keep everything covered with a long shirt or swim cover.  Once they reach the pool--the cover is flung off and they found a chair to sprawl in and soak up the sun.  So much for the cover up---if you didn't see anything on the way to the pool--it was all exposed once they arrived at the pool.  Very little left for the imagination--with only strings to hide behind.

NOW---don't think I am some old grandma prude--on second thought perhaps I am.  The point of this post is not swimsuits at all.  This reminded me of our (that means me too) efforts to cover up our sin---hide it behind some excuse or justification of the whys it is not our fault.  We think---no one will ever know as long as we are sinning behind cover--but though man may not know---there is One Who knows all.  There is no way to cover it up--sweep it under the rug--or hide behind the tree.  He knows--just ask Adam and Eve.  SO before you don that sin cover up---remember God sees it all.  Yes---our sin is forgiven once we accept Jesus into our life.  BUT there will come a day when we stand before the throne and see a recap of our lives.  Will it be criss-crossed with the wrinkles and scars from a sinful life or will we reflect the perfection of striving toward Jesus?  My toes are black and blue---I just stepped all over them.

"For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ,

so that each one my receive what is due

for what he has done in the body,

whether good or evil."

II Corinthians 5:10


  1. Great analogy and all too true, Lulu. Everything is seen and known by God.

    1. How do we manage to either forget that or cover it up??
      Blessings, Martha!

  2. Excellent post today, Loralu. It certainly stepped on my toes. Jesus said we were like white washed tombs. Clean looking on the outside but a big stink on the inside. It seems we are good at convincing ourselves of the rightness of our sinful actions. Also, sin is no longer being hidden but flaunted for all to see😊great analogy.

    1. Flaunting--now there's a word to be discussed!


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