Although Hero can ignore me when piqued with me---he definitely is needy to the max.  If you come for a visit, he will end up in my lap or by my side.  He reminds me of a toddler who wants all eyes upon him.  He follows me around the apartment--for fear I might sneak out the door without him and he might miss a ride or walk.  He has this hang dog--droopy tail stance when I am not interacting with him.    He literally turns and stares at the wall--and gives this little light whine--so pitiful.   Thankfully in his old age, he sleeps a great deal, but when he is awake--he wants me.  He is my "needy old man".  (When I have repeated this to others--some have said, "Aren't they all?"  NO COMMENT)--but you can laugh--no one will know.

Hero very seldom barks---as in almost never.  I believe in the years before he escaped and became a rescue--he pulled on his leash or tie trying to escape to the point of damaging his throat.  He barks once in a blue moon if someone knocks or rings the doorbell.  And then he only barks once or twice as if he temporarily forgot it was going to be painful.  SO Hero is a quiet dog---UNTIL he thinks I have gone off and left him when he hears the door slam shut.  He doesn't bark---but he begins to howl---as if he is dying.  Everyone who knows Hero is startled to hear that  wolf like howl coming from him.  Is he saying--"HEY--YOUR FORGOT ME!" or is he expressing his dismay at me being out of sight?  I have no idea--but when I walk back in the room and tell him "YOU ARE ALRIGHT"--he immediately is satisfied and hushes.  He is probably suffering from separation anxiety--and, thankfully, he is not chewing up the interior of the house as others have experienced---he is just loudly mourning my absence.  

There is a good reason Hero loves me so much.  I have anticipated his needs, and met them.  He is walked without fail--no matter the weather EVERY day three times at least.  He is not given kibble (except the small amount I sneak into his bowl by hiding it).  OH NO--he gets the good stuff---the canned wet food.  When we dog sit with Pickles (one of my grand dogs), it drives her nuts that she is not fed the same thing as Hero (she is a little overweight).  I have to feed Hero in a separate room and as soon as I open the door to let Hero out--Pickles is in there licking any leavings.  POOR PICKLES!  Hero is taken to the vet---given all his shots--faithfully given heartworm  prevention, probiotics, etc. bathed, brushed,  AND is allowed on the furniture and sleeps in my  bed by my side.  Hero has the good life---and he knows he is loved by my actions and attention.  He used to be a runner- and would take off given the chance.  He finally figured out---what a good thing he has going here and will still wander, but not far.  All I have to do is say, "Hero" and he stops and turns to me---looking at me as if he is asking--"What ?"  He wants to be by my side--and looks to me for his needs and direction.  I love my little buddy--and he knows it--and he knows I will take good care of him--based upon past experience.  He loves me without complaint, consistently, completely-because I first loved him.

I am certain you know where I am going.  Put yourself in the place of Hero and put God in the place of the Master.  He has taken good care of you--faithfully.  He has provided your needs.  He has protected you and shown you the safe path.  Do we always want to be in the presence of the one who has loved us  beyond our wildest expectations?  Do you want His touch, His presence, His voice in your life --consistently---every moment?  Do you recognize all He has done for you and do you return His love by loving Him.  Are you God's faithful companion?  Do you remember He first loved us?

"We love because He first loved us."

I John  4:19


  1. Once again, Hero provides us with such a tender example of what it means to be loved and cherished by a faithful and caring Father. Beautiful, Lulu!

    1. Hero, I think, is pretty much grateful most of the time--much like us!
      Blessings, Martha!


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