The Wonder Dog does not realize he is a dog most of the time.  Besides his cat like behavior, he also has never met a dog he was willing to be friendly with.  Perhaps I should label him anti-social, but he is plenty social with me.  His best behavior is a begrudging tolerance of any other dog.  AND---though he might have a cat's personality, he HATES all cats with a passion.  NOW--I have never had a cat during his lifetime--where did that behavior come from?  We lived with Pickles (granddog)  for almost a year---Hero never got beyond a distant aloofness.  Pickles wanted a friend--someone to play with--Hero wanted to be left alone.  We house & dog sat a couple of weeks for friends who have an old dachshund--they both only tolerated each other.  I had to sleep in the middle of the bed with a dog on each side. (who needs an electric blanket?)

NOW, for someone who totally ignores most small dogs, Hero has never met a big dog he didn't want to attack---all 10 pounds of him.  It only took one time for me to learn how badly he could behave.  One of the neighbors dogs dared approach  him with only mild curiosity (the sniff test).  The next thing I knew Hero is under his front feet--jumping up to bite the 50-60 pound dog's neck.  The big dog just looked at Hero with amazement, surprise and disdain.  Meanwhile Hero has turned into an attacking wolf.  I have always thought he has size dysmorphia since he never walks by a big dog without straining to attack.  NOT SMART!  I am a little bit smarter than Hero---if I see a big dog approaching--we change sides of the street and I snatch his big self up.  Meanwhile he is straining to jump out of my arms and attack.  The big dogs pretty much ignore him as if he was a pesky fly buzzing around their head.

We humans might be guilty of this type of behavior.  We set our sights on something we think might be a threat, a slight, or what what we believe could be an attack  and immediately get our hackles up.  We are ready to pounce--full of spit and vinegar.  Meanwhile---the person who has so deeply offended us or we feel threatened by is going about their business --oblivious to our offense.  This is a wonderful example of---

When we become inwardly focused--and begin to believe all things are directed at us, we have set ourselves up for a rude awakening.  We spend time and energy thinking or obsessing over someone who does not even have us on their radar.  How much better off we would be if we could keep our focus on the why's--and rise above the offense we might feel.  I don't know about you, but I want to live in a drama free zone and that can only happen if I do my part in refusing to be a part of it.  This wisdom from The Word--gives you the key to keeping this peace ~

"You keep him in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you."

Isaiah 26:3


  1. We are all guilty of jumping the gun when we feel cornered, or imagine that we are. Let us keep our focus upon Jesus at all times. (Hero certainly has a big personality!)
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. He is a quirky little man---in fact--I call him my Needy Old Man--LOL!
      Blessings, Martha


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