This past Sunday, I had to pure unbridled joy of seeing the third of my seven grandchildren baptized.  I told him two things at the end of that eventful day---     

                                  This is the MOST important day of your entire life.

                             God has answered my prayers that He woo you unto Him.

He looked at me and asked what does woo mean?  A good question----his mother was standing by me and quickly said---"Draw you to Him."  Exactly! We are charged with telling our spiritual story when presented the opportunity, but God and His Holy Spirit light the fire of desire to know Him on a personal  basis.  He draws you to Him--He woos you.

Without fail, I have been teary at each of these three baptisms.  Those tears were always tears of joy.  This was the inspiration for today's post.  As I thought over being teary, I realized tears come from different sources.  I have had angry tears, grieving tears, tears from laughter, tears of joy, tears of pain, and tears of the deepest sadness.  Tears seem to be the overflow we experience at times of great emotion.  The well of our feelings spills over into waterfalls of tears.  I then considered,  if the chemical make up of tears was different depending upon the emotion they are connected with.  I am no scientist, but as a person of reason, it would seem physically impossible for tears to have a different chemical composition.  They all come from the same place, so it stands to reason they are the same.  What is different is the emotion which causes that cascading or slow drip from our tear ducts.  Tears are precipitated by intense emotion.  As I grow older, I find it easier and easier to cry.  Having been raised to not show emotion in public, it has been a struggle to let go of  emotion--especially crying.  Today---those stored up tears are always near the surface waiting to spill out in moments of intense happiness or sadness.  

NOW--this leads me to the point of my post.  We are told in The Word

"You have taken account of my wanderings;

Put my tear in Your bottle.

Are they not recorded in Your book?"

Psalm 56:8

The question I have is does God keep only our tears of despair, sadness, grief; or does He also store up our tears of joy?  He is the giver of tears, but we are told the tears from mourning or pain will be no more once the old order of things has passed away.  It seems to imply the tears of joy will still be with us.   Deep thoughts and questions from a heart filled with joy--and eyes brimming with tears.


  1. Just recently, I cried tears of joy when the kids arrived to visit, and tears of sorrow as they were leaving, and saying our good-byes. I believe God saves every tear we shed and Jesus knows what we go through here on earth. Praise to Him for wooing your grandson to Him after much prayer, Lulu. May your family continue to grow, laugh and cry as He watches over you.


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