After weeks of build up, the day finally arrived here in mid-Texas for the long anticipated solar eclipse.  The above video is from the local elementary school where two of my grands attend.  You can see the reaction of the children--screams of wonder, exclamations of awe, running, clapping, and shouting as the moon covers the lifegiving glory of the sun.  As I viewed the video, I had two thoughts~

The reaction of those in the field watching as this seeming miracle of the heavens took place was appropriate as the wonder was experienced.  Through out the ages, since the creation, this wonder has been seen over and over.  From the days when the scientific reason was unknown and great fear from lack of understanding fell over the earth until today when science has unraveled the mystery.  The most important thing I took away is the wonder of God's creation.  How He knew exactly how this would play out and when.  He also knows this will be my last viewing on this side of eternity of this wonder.  What a brilliant God we serve---His creation is amazing---and deserves shouts and screams of amazement.  This solidifies my belief in The Creator God.  Could this be a mere accident--the result of a Big Bang---with all the complexities~ I think not.

As the children expressed their amazement ~ do we stop and exclaim our awe and reverence for God and the gift of this world and all it entails?  Are we willing to lift our voices in praise and wonder to the same God who has witnessed every eclipse He caused---and holds them in the timeless suspense of Him?  Countless stood shoulder to shoulder watching and exclaiming their amazement.  Did we stop and consider Who was the Creator and praise Him?

What a wonderful view--what a glorious day---Thank God we saw His glory in a tangible way and give Him all the praise.

"It is I who made the earth

and created mankind on it.

My own hands stretched out the heavens:

I marshaled their starry hosts."

Isaiah 45:12

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  1. The wonders with which God has blessed us never cease to amaze me. Might others be convicted by His glory and majesty He reveals, and the order He has placed in His cosmos. Blessings, Lulu!


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