I keep mulling over the statement by my therapist friend~

"Expectations are premediated disappointments!"

And then I circled back to the post "Overwhelmingly Overwhelmed" with these comments~

1.  Expectations I place upon myself.

2.  My perception of the others' expectations

When a word or phrase begins repeating itself in my head, I pay attention.  There is always a message in there.

As I thought this over, I went all the way back to my early years while still at home with Momma.  There were expectations---sometimes unstated---but there was always the feeling of something was expected from me.  I fell short of those expectations and thus began my journey down the road of proving myself worthy of respect.  How many things in life did I do or accomplish because of the expectations I placed on myself in an effort to feel worthy of love?  From those early days literally until today---I desire to be loved and held in a place of esteem.  NOW---that is not all bad---it has served me well to strive to serve others, work hard, and always expect my best.  BUT what caused me to really pause was my friend's remark about "premediated disappointments".  I am not certain I totally agree with her remark, but I know she would be open to hearing my thoughts.  

When expectations cause us to be the best we can be--within reason--that should be a good thing.  One of the things I have always strived for is to be able to put my head on the pillow every night knowing I did my best.  Sure, at times I fell short, but I went down swinging--really trying.  We get into trouble when our expectation are unrealistic.

If I have an expectation of being Miss America--that is not only unrealistic--the thought of that possibility sailed LONG ago (I am NO beauty queen but pleasant looks are good too).   If I have an expectation of running another marathon--my body will protest and go on strike.  If I have an expectation of living to 100, my gene pool would disagree.  On and on---expectations are fool hearty when they do not line up with reality. NOW, by the same token, I can have an expectation of spending time with the Lord today; getting the house clean today; visiting with my family today; and eating healthy and know it can be accomplished with good planning and wise use of my time.  So, NO, I do not think expectations are all bad and in fact I think they might help us use our time wisely.

Finally and most important, what does God expect from us?  I will leave you with this verse from His Word that I claim as one of my life verses~

"He has told you, O man, what is good;

and what does the Lord require (expect) of you but

to do  justice,

and to love kindness,

and to walk humbly with your God?"

Micah 6:8


  1. As always God takes our complicated way of dealing with each other and shows us how to live simply and blessedly. My favorite verse.

    1. Is there anything more difficult, yet more rewarding than our relationships with each other? Yes, I have clung to that verse for a long time.
      Blessings & Sure do Miss You!

  2. That is my life verse, Lulu! What a great daily reminder of God's expectations, ones that are both sound and realistic. We can do all things in Christ who gives us strength always.

    1. It is one of mine too, Martha. The older I get--the more verses I cling to--with good reason!


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