Second in the two part series-

As I was thinking over the things God sometimes requires of us, I went a step beyond God using our children in His service.  I began thinking of the things that God may be asking me/you to do--give up--sacrifice.  Perhaps it is something as simple as giving of our time in service---perhaps He is drawing you to a mission field--locally or internationally--perhaps it is as simple as loving those that are not so lovable.  I believe with all my heart- as we grow In Him---He is going to require us to get out of our comfort zones.  I do not know about you--but I do NOT like to leave my zone of comfort!

Did God allow my marriage to end to use me in Fort Worth?  I do not have the answers--but while thinking it over, I came to the conclusion His desire was not for my marriage to end--that is contrary to His Word.  He DID take the brokenness resulting from this life event and use it to Woo me and pull me closer into His embrace.  He took what man had made a mess of and used it to further His cause.  He has made me a living example of His faithfulness and love.  He has given me many opportunities to point to my source of strength during the pain and devastation of the unthinkable.  He has given me the privilege of leaving my comfort zone and living in a God zone.

Moving to Fort Worth seemed to be filled with risks and WAY out of my comfort zone.  There have been days when I experienced new levels of alone--and yet He has reminded me of His presence--His love--His plan.  As I walked down this path where He had led me---I have become supremely aware of Who He Is?  Slowly He is pulling others back into my life--but His intent and purpose though not always clear---are all for His good purpose--even in the midst of risk and uncertainty.

There is a story in His Word of a father who was required to take his son to be sacrificed on the altar. His beloved son--his most precious relationship- A love offering to The Father.  Unthinkable that He would ask this--and yet--in a step of faith and obedience Abraham was prepared to do just that---offer Issac as a sacrifice--give him back to God.  Genesis 22 contains this story of Abraham and God's redemption of His request.  When God called out to Abraham, Abraham's answer was "Yes, here I am."  

When God calls to us--telling us of the changes in our lives, are we willing to answer, "Yes, here I am."?  God allows heartbreaking losses in our life which are devastating.  His intent is not to break us--but to grow us when these life events happen.  Our response --either we cling to Him--allow Him to use us and grow us--and be used for His good purpose---OR we drown in the sorrow and heartbreak and cling to the familiarity of the pain---unwilling to be healed.  Yes--losses are painful--they will leave a scar--but we have the opportunity to turn to the source of the healing balm--and then allow Him to use us--scars and all.

"Some time later God tested Abraham; he called to him, “Abraham!” And Abraham answered, “Yes, here I am!”
“Take your son,” God said, “your only son, Isaac, whom you love so much, and go to the land of Moriah. There on a mountain that I will show you, offer him as a sacrifice to me.”"
Genesis 22:1-2

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