We bloggers all got together---and decided to play a game--

Blog Hop!

In my usual distracted-but enthusiastic manner---I just wanted to Play!

OH---groan--but you have to be picked----

Pick me--pick me--here I am, pick me!!!

And GLORY BE, this lovely lady---a YANKEE---NO LESS (GASP!) she chose me!

Linda Stoll-- Linda stays here at "Creekside Ministries" and in a kind act of compassion--she picked me to be on her side!  A counselor and life-coach (yes, I know I could stand some counselling) but most important Jesus Lover, Linda and I clicked from the very first blog and comment when I dropped by to see her.  She is now a blog coach---and heaven knows if I were coachable--I would pick her to be my coach.  A woman of wisdom, Linda has learned sitting at the feet of The Master and generously shares her in-sight and prods us to live a better life.  

The game--we all answer four questions about our writing and then introduce three more bloggers for you to enjoy.  Being slightly rebellious-I chose four--but when you read these four---you will want to hug my neck for sharing my wealth.  SO with no further adieu--I answer these earth moving questions before giving you the real prize--my four wonderful friends and their blogs!

Here's the 4 questions:

1 What am I writing or working on?

Currently I am working on getting my rear out of the bed every morning and trying to be productive, OH WAIT---you meant writing?

Daily I write a “To Do List”—which I promptly leave where I cannot find it---I also keep a growing grocery list—which I forget to take to the grocery store and of course, there is “My Last Will and Testament”.  OH STILL NOT YOU WANTED?

At the moment I am only blogging.  I am brainstorming the creation of my final blog—FINALLY I HAVE A DOMAIN-YET to be named!  The blog you are reading today is my third title—each created when I began a new season of life.  The one to come will be my final blog---pretty sure I am in the home stretch!

There are other books up there making the circle in the vast yet to be explained frontier of my mind —but I am floundering in my search for God to reveal my current “Object of Mission”.  God seems to love teaching me patience!  I have four chapters of a book written---and had to stop.  The story of the inspiring women God has placed in my life—it was so difficult to write of their pain and struggles that I had to put it down.  I have all the notes—and a good start—waiting for a stronger time in my life and a push from God to finish a job begun. 

There are several ideas—floating around in the vast emptiness of my brain---children’s books---how to be single----tales of Southern living---the story of my mother’s life---all waiting for me to get out of the bed one morning and become productive.

2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Genre---don’t we LOVE to throw that word around!  When did we go from classifications to genre?  The best description of my “Genre” is Random Eclectic.  Pretty much whatever God has placed on my heart and in my head---goes on the page.  Follow my reasoning here---SO if it pops into my head---and no one can read minds---it obviously is different from what anyone else writes.  Different—but similar—after all how many truly original thoughts are there?  My life experiences are different from yours, thus my perspective of truth will be different.  We can all learn from each other by sharing our slant on the same subject.  When I write, I hope to make you think—ponder—examine-wonder---if one reader is stretched I have done my job.

Then there are the days—I write silliness---adventures---stories—all to amuse—perhaps give a moment of levity or even a chuckle in days filled with seriousness.  Bluntly honest about the trials and tribulations of aging and being single, I find it best to laugh at myself and share the mirth.  Surely we are all comforted to know we are not the only aging klutz in a world filled with youth’s perfection?

Finally---occasionally I even write bad poetry—my poor literature teachers must be turning in their graves!

3 Why do I write what I write?

WHY NOT?  I flunked coloring in the first grade and all my artistic endeavors since have been reminiscent.  For some reason---writing comes natural—no effort—it just pours out of me.  My best writing—is always God inspired.  The days I think—this is a pitiful excuse—who will read beyond the first paragraph?—those are the days with the most readers and comments.  The days I think---HOME RUN!—no comments—few readers.  I do not get it---BUT that is OK! What speaks to me—may not speak to you.

I write mostly—for God’s Good Pleasure.  He that gave me the gifts and talents should always be glorified.

It is not always easy being single—we will all be single one day—unless you go first---hopefully I am blazing a trail and giving a map of how to finish well---even alone.  There are tons of talented young (anyone still wet behind the ears or under 40) writers on the WWW—not as many old fossils around.  I am NOT older than dirt—and still like to play in the dirt—but not still making mud pies.  The wisdom that comes with a lifetime of experience might encourage others trekking the path and maybe a YES-PREACH ON, SISTER! From those in the same life stage.

4 How does my writing process work?

OH-this is supposed to be a process?  

When the topic pops in my head—I write down a few words—on note pads, on my smart phone, in margins, on any available surface.  I then revisit them and write at a later time.  I have found if I write those few words—the idea and the details around it will all bubble to the surface once I begin the act of writing.

I take inspiration from The Word, sermons, books I read, the things going on around me, nature, a song on the radio --pretty much anything I come into contact with. It is amazing to look at the ordinary and see visions of the extraordinary. Being a bubble off center and having the ability to look at a tree and see more than a future chair has also been helpful.

My primary hope in writing is readers will see God’s redemption woven throughout my words and my life.  His faithful love, care, and provision are evidenced in who I am today.  He inspires me, guides me, and faithfully walks beside me every step of the way.  If one—only one—reads and walks away desiring Him---my process is then complete.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I decided to give you four very different blogs--with varying themes --it is a good representation of what I love to read---ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.  I will introduce them by age---and SURPRISE---a man in the mix!  It is with great joy-I share my extremely talented blog friends ---happy reading from some of the best!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Brooke Ackley Freeland-a YOUNG Whipper-Snapper--Brooke is here at "Brooke & Freeland".  Brooke was a college classmate of my daughter and her husband was Dr. SIL's best friend and roommate.  I have watched them all grow up--marry--finish med school--have families---and most important grow in the Lord.  What an adventure life has been for them all.  Brooke & Freeland have three children (babies I might add-the oldest is four) and are in the process of adopting.  A gifted writer, Brooke's blog is widely read and loved by many and to top that off she is an extremely talented photographer.  WHEN does she find time to do all of this???  Here is a brief biographical sketch Brooke wrote for me.

Hi, Im Brooke! Wife to Freeland and mom to River, Wylder, and Chapel. I was born and raised in Texas and now live in Ohio for my husband's job.  We love living here and we love the story God is writing for us here too but I cant explain how much I miss Mexican food, BBQ, Blue Bell Ice Cream and kolaches… and all our family & friends too! I love blogging and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, I love photography, baking, coffee, and dreaming.  My husband & I are passionate about orphan care and missions. We’re in the process of opening our home to foster kids in the next few weeks with our hope to be able to adopt! Ive blogged since we were engaged and throughout or marriage, moves, and kids here
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LINDA CONLEY--a mid lifer, Linda is another friend--via the WWW and blog surfing and I found her here at "Just Simply Linda." A Southern belle transplanted to the frigid north---her body may be present way up there, but her heart still rings of the South!  Her style is eclectic and she has a sharp wit and my kind of sense of humor.  Her glib comments ring familiar and reminiscent of my own brand of humor.  Linda is in the process of returning to school---mid-life--and beginning a career!  GOOD FOR HER!  Linda's husband was a Marine, but has suffered health reversals which have led to his disability.  They are proud parents to a 17 year old son--and her honest -but witty comments about raising a young adult--have a ring of truth for most of us.  Linda's bio is-

Just Simply Linda
Is a 47 year old College Freshman, Christian wife & mom, and a Southern Tea Party girl transplanted to the liberal north a year ago. She has been married for 25 years to her high school sweetheart and they have one 17 year old son. The family lives with their German Shepherd in a big old house in western upstate NY. Her head is also filled with useless information, hence the reason for the blog.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

LEN WOODS--beyond the mid life mark--but not past prime is my long time friend BRUTHER LEN!  Len was my pastor before my move and his blog "Typing in Tongues" is found here.  GIFTED---yet again---another talented writer, Len has authored several books and articles.  Communication with compassion would be my description of Len's forte.  A DIE HARD Saints fan---Len has proven with perseverance sometimes the impossible does become possible.  A Louisiana boy with purple and gold roots Len is the one we all stand close to on Sunday mornings--hoping to get through the crowd and get a kind word.  My modest friend Len has this to say about himself-

A Louisiana native, Len is a husband (to Cindi from Indy), proud father, and lifelong New Orleans Saints fan. After graduating from LSU (1980, journalism) and Dallas Theological Seminary (1987, systematic theology), Len has spent most of his adult life in pastoral/church ministry. Along the way he has also been a magazine editor (at Walk thru The Bible Ministries), an award-winning author, and has had brief stints as a chauffeur, waiter, meat grinder, and bookstore clerk. When not writing, Len enjoys coffee or dinner with friends, road trips, waterfalls, and dreaming of Colorado.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

VANETTE HARRIS-my peer--Vannie is like me--we have aged with grace.  Vannie is the wife of a sweet peer and neighbor from my childhood.  She can be found here at "The Journey of Gypsy Rhapsody".  Vannie graciously ghost writes for the Airstream travel trailer "Gypsy Rhapsody" which they have made their home.  A travel log full of the adventures and travels all over this great country of Dave & Vannie as they live the retirement dream.  I am traveling vicariously with them as I read not only of the places they have been--but especially the wonderful people all over this land they have befriended.  Vannie writes of herself-

Author of her own blog site, artist want-to-be, seamstress, kinda-sorta vegan, wife, mom, grandmom, retired teacher…Vanette has discovered that life is all about the journey.  She knows that God has a plan just for her.  After retiring with forty-two years of teaching, she and her husband of forty-seven years sold their home in Lafayette, Louisiana, bought an old “fixer-upper” Airstream, and headed out to seek their fortune.  They have never looked back.  Future plans include a trip to Paris, France in 2015 (not in the Airstream or their budget), so Vannie is working this summer in Red River, New Mexico as a housekeeper for a condominium.  “You just never know where life leads…don’t get caught twiddling your thumbs.”

Have you stayed with me to the end?  I KNOW I am not usually so wordy--but these are all GOOD WORDS---AND I HAVE to play the game!

so one week from today--I WILL REMIND YOU---expect to hear from these four and then they will send you to three more bloggers---UNLESS--they are rebellious like me!  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


  1. Wow, girl! You've bounced right into this hop with a zeal and energy that leaves me breathless! It's fun to read where you're coming from, and I'll be back to savor your words more slowly.

    And ... I look forward to visiting with your friends ...

    Enjoy the hop, Lulu!


    1. Thank you, Sweet Linda, for allowing me to play!

  2. I think I would describe your writing as entertaining, informative and always hopeful Lulu. Thanx for continuing to write.

    God bless you.

    1. Oh Victor, without hope we are lost!

      Thank you!

      Bless you!

  3. That's really cool! Thanks for the exposure. By the way, I hope grand #6 is a girl! Those 5 boys need a cheerleader!!

    1. It is what it is at this point---boy or girl--we will love them with all our heart!

  4. Hi Lulu! I loved reading the answers to the questions, so witty and fun! I didn't know you had a book started, that's an amazing endeavor. And hard, as you found out.
    I'll be visiting your friends here for sure. They sound wonderful, and bring a little different focus to the WWW.

    1. Ceil-I actually have published one book ---The Next Right Thing---about my grief journey and how God walked me through it following the end of my marriage. The next book has been much more difficult--so heart wrenching to hear stories from those you love of the extreme difficulties of their lives. Perhaps with all my silliness-I should readdress the children's books!

  5. Thank you Lulu!!! Yes, wit and weird sense of humor..or no sense of humor, which is it (giggles)? Between you and other bloggers..y'all sure make me smile, laugh and at times cry..I will have it up by Tuesday then..going to email you back..Blessings

    1. We are two peas in a pod when it comes to humor---so always know I am giggling down here! Looking forward to your wise answers!

  6. LuLu, I love stopping by to read your blog. On writing, I also write whatever inspires me. I feel it is the Holy Spirit giving me direction. When the words don't come, I know I'm not on the right track. If we aren't passionate about something, why put the energy into it?

    1. Thanks for coming, Kim. I jumped over and read your blog as well--today's post--which lead to leaving a comment and adding you to the list of those I recommend. Wise words!

  7. Visiting from the lovely Linda's today and so glad I did. You had me smiling from beginning to end. Especially your comment >>> "OH-this is supposed to be a process?" I've continued to wonder how I'd answer that question and think that would be my answer, with another question. So nice to *meet* you and look forward to returning. Blessings.

    1. Oh Beth, thank you for dropping by. I hopped on over to your blog and was so impressed I added it to my list of those I read. Always love to hear stories of those who came to know Him as adults--POWERFUL!
      Bless You, Beth!


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