As I swept the porch on this fine and beautiful day, I began to ponder the sacred in my life.  Don't ask---I live in a word of loose association.  What do I consider sacred and what does this sacred determination mean?

As always I need to begin with, the definition of sacred -I found various thoughts on this  but the one I liked best was "Connected with God".  The truth of the matter is we have broadened the meaning of sacred in the secular world to encompass anything which we deem of great importance.  We consider many of our activities to be sacred--

Friday Night Football
Hunting Season
Date Night
Girls' Night Out
Christmas With The Family
A Week At The Beach/Mountains

On and on goes that list of anything which we feel is set in stone and not to be tampered with.  Don't you go messing with my regularly scheduled night out with the girls!

I have good friends who hold their exercise regime to be in the realm of sacred.  We all laugh at their inability to demonstrate any flexibility with their work outs for the week.  Thankfully--this has never been a problem for me---any little excuse and I am on the couch.  They are dedicated to their bike rides, swims, and run/walks and like the postman---nothing short of a natural disaster gets in the way. 

I have great admiration for those who have established their "Quiet Time" as sacred and always begin their day with this time set apart.  Unfortunately, my quiet time tends to revolve around the other activities of the day.  If I have early morning "Lulu Duty" and happen to not jump out of the bed when the alarm goes off, I tend to miss my quiet time for the day.  My dedication of the sacred can be fleeting.

What do I consider sacred---and what in my life is connected with God?  For the most part---it is the intangibles of life.   The emotions--feelings which are evoked when experiencing the sacred -those things which connect us and remind us of God

Seeing the Breaking Dawn or
The Last Glimmer of the Sunset

The Joy of Family 
All Gathered Together

The Sweet Hug
Of Family & Friend

The Colors Of
The Changing Seasons

The Quiet of Snow
As It Falls

Waves Rolling In
With The Coming Tide

Gentle Breezes Caressing
My Cheeks

The Feel of Grass
Underneath My Toes

The Pitter Patter of
Raindrops Upon My Roof

The Laughter
of a Child

A Smile

Art Which Speaks
To My Soul

A Song
Touching My Heart

My Prayers
Rising To The Heavens

The Sure Certainty
Of God's Presence

So much to remind me of my sacred connection with God

Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence

Psalm 139:7


  1. This is just wonderful, Lulu. Really thought-provoking in this mad world we're in where selfishness rules above all.

    Thank you for taking the time to post this, and for sharing your photos with us.

    God bless you and your family.

    (By the way: that guy sitting on the yellow chair by the pumpkins, and his dog, need feeding).

    1. We tried feeding them, Victor, but it went straight through them!
      God Bless You, Friend!

  2. Beautiful, Lulu. Thanks for sharing....another great post. Blessings

    1. May your day be filled with the knowledge of the sacred, Sweet Friend!
      God Bless You!

  3. That was beautiful. Very edifying.
    BTW, I may begin working again soon (it's in the works). My posting and commenting will be reduced to a minimum. Please pray for me? I hope my health will hold so I can help the family purse. Thanks. God bless you Christian friend. ~:)

  4. I have missed you, Sparky & consider it a honor to pray for you- You can count on it!
    God Bless You, Friend!


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