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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Today the rain won.  In retrospect--perhaps it was God's way of giving us a day off from the intense tourist role.  Twelve intense days on the road can be exhausting.

The plan calls for a bike ride through the country and a visit to the Hallein Salt Mine.  That will not be happening with this all day rain event.  We are game for a lot---but not riding bikes in the pouring rain.

So after another continental breakfast in the hotel--I NEVER get my money's worth---not a fan of cold breakfasts---we split up and go separate ways.

Babs and Sonja head to the mall in a quest to find a bike jersey from Europe.  They came back with sacks of stuff and a new found knowledge of public transit in Salzburg, but no jersey after an all day shopping trip.  Shopping is NOT my cup of tea!  Babs has become our resident public transit expert---our go to when figuring out the schedules and exchanges.

Susie has developed a case of chronic bronchitis and decides it is time for some meds.  Hello, Socialized Medicine!  She and Jim spent the day at the local hospital emergency room getting on a quest for said meds.  As the story unfolded, I began to suspect we are on the slippery slope to our own form of socialized medicine here in the US of A when thinking of my medicare experience the past few months.  You see, with socialized medicine, since she has no assigned doctor, it was necessary to go to the emergency room.  They immediately hook her up to a saline IV---order a chest X-ray---do blood work---before she ever sees a doctor.  He explains this is all protocol and the fact she knows what is wrong and has a chronic illness does not influence the treatment plan.  After hours in the ER--including sitting on a gurney in the hall---she is released with a prescription--though NOT what she told the doctor she needed.  She has to come back to the hotel for a rest!   As you all know---I avoid doctors and hospitals at all cost!   WAKE UP, AMERICA!  We DO NOT want socialized medicine!

AND with the others off on their individual adventures on this rainy day, what did I do?    


Did my laundry, did some writing, did some reading, and studied the inside of my eyelids.  A needed day to rest, replenish, and regroup for the last few days of our trip!  

We walk to a river side Steak House and enjoyed a delicious steak for dinner while watching the rain swollen river cascade by.  Praying for sunshine tomorrow--to get back to the serious business of tourist.

7 Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day. 
Ecclesiastes 11:7


  1. It is awful when the rain spoils one's holiday. In the UK it seems to rain all the time, except when it is about to rain. I remember on a holiday once I intended to visit a salt mine and it rained on that day. So much so that when we arrived all the salt had dissolved and we were left with an empty cave.

    On another occasion in Paris we ate in one of those open-air restaurants where they put all the tables out on the sidewalk. As I started eating it rained. It took me ages to finish my soup.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. It was all part of the experience, Victor! Into every life some rain must fall! We had a meal on a sidewalk cafe in the pouring rain- that story is coming .

  2. Don't even get me going on the socialized medicine issue, Lulu. I have never understand the need to shop, lol. Have a joyful rest of the week, smiles.

    1. My idea of shopping is ordering needed items via the WWW and said items being delivered to my door😜 I hate to think what this ER visit will cost and she never got completely well since they would not listen to her and she did not get the needed meds. Came home to get the meds!

  3. Trying to obey the Good Book and not be envious of your travels. Looks like fun...even in the rain and the ER.

    1. When you get old like me, you can travel too! It was a wonderful trip!
      Blessings, Friend!


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