I went to school today to read with my student.  My student lucked out and both me and my tutoring partner showed up today (we are easily confused).  We are sitting reading HOW DOES A DINOSAUR SHOW HE Loves YOU?  Some child's tutor did not show--so General Hay, the principle asked if I would read with him.  SURE!

We begin reading and he is quite the wiggle worm and easily distracted.  He stops after we had read about 15 minutes --looks at me and says, "You look just like someone I know."     "Really"--I'm thinking--someone he's seen starring in a television show or on some Disney Movie.  I asked, "Who do I look like?"  ALL SMILES---he looks at me grins and says---"MY GRANDMOTHER"  SILLY SILLY ME FOR ASKING WHO! 

I have made this better in my mind by coming to the conclusion that his grandmother and mother married and had children at 15--that would make me a YOUNG grandmother of around 40! 

I requested a NEW student or at least my old one for next week---she has NOT insinuated how old she thinks I am!!!

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  1. I think it's sweet! You sat and read to him/ with him. You made him feel special and took an interest in him. Take it as a compliment.


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